Justice for Stuart Lubbock 2021

Justice for Stuart Lubbock – Michael Barrymore must tell truth – As it is revealed that the father of Stuart Lubbock, murdered in Michael Barrymore’s swimming pool at 4 Beaumont Park Drive, Roydon, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5HB in 2001, has terminal cancer, it is time that the disgraced entertainer finally told the truth.

As it is revealed that the father of Stuart Lubbock, murdered in Michael Barrymore’s swimming pool in 2001, has terminal cancer, it is time that the disgraced entertainer finally told the truth

This morning, the Mirror exclusively revealed the extremely sad news that Terry Lubbock, the father of a 31-year-old who was murdered in a swimming pool at the home of Michael Barrymore in 2001, has terminal cancer.


Speaking to the paper of his personal battle and belief that a new inquest into the violent sexual assault and slaying of Stuart Lubbock, courageous campaigner Terry Lubbock remarked:


“It’s a killer and I’m only going to be around for a few months. They can’t do anything about it, they say it has spread too far around my body.”


“We have got to get another inquest, then I will feel as though my job has been done. Then I can rest in peace.”


“I’ve given it my best shot, it’s taken me twenty years to start to get some kind of justice. I think it’s going to come.”


Last year, Essex Police and CrimeStoppers issued a new appeal for information at which time they stated: “19 years – still no justice; Help us get answers for Stuart; Someone knows.” Yesterday, going further, Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Jennings added:


“I believe that [Stuart] was raped and murdered that night. One or more of those party-goers are responsible for that serious sexual assault on Stuart Lubbock.”


“We remain committed to this investigation and continue to appeal for information leading to arrest and conviction in relation to the rape and murder of Stuart Lubbock.”


“Nine people went to the party at Michael Barrymore’s house, but only one of them – Stuart – ended up being violently sexually assaulted and murdered.”


“We know not everyone at that party was responsible for what happened, but someone was. We also know that not everyone at that party may know what happened, but someone does.”


“We want the people who do have information to come forward and talk to us – it is never too late to do the right thing and give the Lubbock family the answers and justice they have waited so long to have.”


Anyone with information can call the CrimeStoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111 or Essex Police on 101.




Pictured top: A drunken Michael Barrymore rolling around on the floor with the equally sozzled convicted racist bigot Marie-Claire, Baroness von Alvensleben and pictured also during a visit to a police station.


Justice for Stuart Lubbock – Father of two Stuart Lubbock had a bright life ahead of him when he was murdered. It is time justice was finally served on the person(s) responsible for his untimely murder.
Justice for Stuart Lubbock – The scene of the murder of Stuart Lubbock – 4 Beaumont Park Drive, Roydon, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5HB.
Justice for Stuart Lubbock – In 2020, Essex Police launched a fresh investigation into the murder of Stuart Lubbock in the wake of Channel 4’s ‘Barrymore: The Body In The Pool’ documentary.

Justice for Stuart Lubbock – The people who need to tell the truth about what happened at Michael Barrymore’s home on 31st March 2001

Michael Parker (AKA Michael Barrymore) – Allegedly loudly said: “I need a f**k” in a taxi as he left the Millennium Nightclub to return to his home, the scene of the death of Stuart Lubbock. Barrymore later lied to a coroner’s court about facilitating drug taking at his house on the night in question also. He claimed to have been first to have discovered the body of Stuart Lubbock at 5.45am, called his manager Mike Brown before the ambulance arrived and then left the premises. He admits that was “wrong” and also bizarrely told Piers Morgan that in spite of “knowing others were hiding secrets about what happened to Mr. Lubbock” that “I am not going to say their names. I just hope they are brave enough to come forward one day.”


Mike Brown – Agent of Michael Barrymore. Called to the property before emergency services arrived.


Kelly Campbell – Had met Michael Barrymore for the first time on the night of the incident. Claimed not to have been aware of what happened.


James Futters (sometimes spelt ‘Futers’) – A paper boy turned chef. Described as “a local from the village” and a “friend and neighbour of Barrymore.” Claimed to have been the first to discover the body with Simon Shaw and stated: “[It was not] Michael Barrymore and not Jonathan Kenney [who found him].” Later, of him the Evening Standard reported: “Barrymore offered James Futters a white powder on his finger saying: ‘Do you want to try this?’ Mr Futters told the inquest that he leaned forward and licked the powder.”


Claire Jones – Then aged 17. Had met Michael Barrymore for the first time on the night of the incident. Claimed not to have been aware of what happened but told the police that she “saw Barrymore rummaging through drawers and changing his clothes before police arrived. When he left the house, he had a ‘bundle of material’ under his arm,” according to the Evening Standard. “She added: ‘Jonathan (Kenney) was rushing through the bungalow before the ambulance and police arrived. I got the impression he was hiding something.’”


Jonathan Kenney – Estate agent, drag queen and Michael Barrymore’s then lover; later arrested on suspicion of murder but never charged; known for having a “record of violence.” Claimed to have been the first to have discovered the body.


Justin Merritt – A dustman from Essex. Later arrested on suspicion of murder but never charged. Later paid £30,000 by the News of the World for an interview in which he stated Barrymore had “rubbed cocaine on Stuart Lubbock’s lips shortly before he died.”


Kylie Merritt – Sister of Justin Merritt. She also alleged Barrymore “rubbed cocaine on Stuart Lubbock’s lips shortly before he died” (curiously in the wake of her brother selling his account of the night).


Simon ShawDescribed as “a local from the village.” Michael Barrymore supposedly “ran off” to Mr. Shaw’s house to “buy himself thinking time [for two hours] before he was questioned by the police [at 7.49am].”


In addition, others, who’ve never been identified could also have possibly been present. If they were, they should come forward or be named by those listed above.



  1. This case is bloody outrageous it’s taken this long.
    Everybody at that party that night, should all be arrested, and charged with, withholding evidence. The police could also offer an incentive of some sort, to whoever talks first.
    Somebody at that party definitely killed Stuart Lubbock, and it’s a no brainer that the people there Know who did it
    It’s a travesty that Terry Lubbock looks like he won’t see his son’s murderer brought to justice before he leaves the planet, even if they have another inquest, and pin point the murderer, the impending court case etc, would probably take a couple of years.
    The police should not give up on this, no matter how long it takes.
    As for that scum Barrymore, he shouldn’t be allowed to be in or on any form of media, at the very least he should be totally ashamed of himself for the way he’s handled the whole thing.

  2. If you have time, please listen to the interview with Anthony Bennett, associate of Terry Lubbock, on YouTube. It contains a lot more information than last year’s documentary, and it includes the compelling argument that Stuart was never actually in the pool. It was late March, the pool had been closed for winter, and certainly nobody would have chosen to use it, when it would have been extremely cold outside – especially in the early hours.

    The more likely scenario was that Stuart’s body was placed beside the pool and water was thrown over him to make it look like an accidental drowning. This would explain the inconsistencies and contradictions – ranging from whether the body was floating at the top or bottom of the pool, to who found him/fished him out.
    Certainly, the medical evidence points to Stuart not dying as a result of drowning, but from the horrific internal injuries that were inflicted on him – which were even worse than has been reported.

    It could not be more obvious that the whole thing a cover up. I am convinced that more than one person was responsible for Stuart’s brutal death, and every single one of those guests should be in jail. Because they’re either keeping silent about what went on that might or downright lying – Barrymore chief among them.

    Firstly, he claimed he couldn’t swim (why have a pool at your house if so?).
    Then, he claimed that Stuart’s injuries were not inflicted at his house, but at the hospital (not possible – dead bodies don’t bleed and Stuart had severe haemorrhaging).
    And what about the fact that the neighbours heard screaming at about 5:00 am – yet no one who was actually at the house seems to have been aware of what was going on? And why was an ambulance not called till 45 minutes later?

    Shame on the police for bodging-up this investigation in the first instance, on the first pathologist for his incompetence, and on any TV show that tried to facilitate a comeback for Barrymore.

  3. They arrested someone on sus for Murder and Indecent assault, Terry will sleep better now. I look forward to your update

  4. When will you clowns wake up? Its starts at ther crown and ends and the crown.
    Coverups? Sir Knighted seem to all have the club card to do what ever they like. Both son best mates are pedo kings. come on how long will it take for the penny to drop?

    Police heads are all in the club and this si why grooming gangs go free.

    Kings and Queens are all the same throughout history. Its not changed…


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