Anything but En-Tice-ing

Nikolay Kalinin calls out Reform UK leader Richard Tice for spouting nonsense about Covid-19, vaccines and fertility.

Nikolay Kalinin calls out Reform UK leader Richard Tice for spouting nonsense about Covid-19, vaccines and fertility

Reform UK’s leader Richard Tice is the kind of bloke I’d most definitely not want to take down the pub. Known for supporting policies that would bring chlorinated chicken into Britain, the founder of Leave.EU previously ludicrously claimed that Brexit would prevent an “Orlando-style atrocity” by Islam extremists and also that “immigration without assimilation equals invasion.”


In an attempt to attract publicity to his now dying party of fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists, Tice has now claimed that “forcing” young women to have the COVID-19 vaccine will “mean increased still births, miscarriages, disabled children, infertility.” This is an absolute lie that is not backed up by any sort of evidence.


When criticised for his blatant stupidity, “lobbyist who carries a poison pen” Isabel Oakeshott’s current squeeze cited the websites of Yellow Card and VAERS. In doing so, he simply showed that he is clearly ignorant of the fact that not only are both of these schemes reliant on voluntary reporting that is biased and inaccurate, but also that he is unaware that Yellow Card itself presented inaccurate information about the vaccines.


Tice has subsequently apologised and deleted his original tweet, but the point is that we cannot ignore such insanity, because there are actually people in the United Kingdom who believe such tosh when it is force fed to them.


The piffle coming from Reform UK is just as bad; recently, the party started whingeing about a video they shared being removed from social media channels for spreading misinformation about COVID-19. In it, they specifically stated that masks don’t protect against COVID-19 – claiming that “the only proper clinical study – which was carried out in Denmark – showed masks make no statistically significant difference in reducing transmission.”


In reality, the Danish study “didn’t look at whether mask-wearing protects others by stopping wearers from exhaling the virus,” meaning that saying that masks don’t have a significant effect is very much a flawed claim.


Furthermore, the party has published a graphic on Twitter that attempted to back up their anti-mask agenda by claiming that a YouGov poll concluded that 56% of 19,000 people surveyed would stop wearing masks following ‘Freedom Day.’


In addition, Reform UK fails to acknowledge that YouGov also conducted a survey which concluded that 71% of Britons support face masks remaining compulsory on public transport and 66% backed keeping face masks compulsory in shops and some enclosed public spaces.


All-in-all, this demonstrates that Reform UK is nothing but a party of prattling pillocks who, though they claim to be teachers, messiahs and protectors of freedom, are actually trying to lower the population’s average IQ in order to get them to believe their tosh and grant them power.


What especially upsets me is how Reform UK presents itself as an “anti-establishment” party, despite the fact that its leader and founders are anything but non-establishment. Both Farage and Tice went to boarding school, and Tice himself is a former member of the Conservative party and a multi-millionaire based in Belgravia. However, because they present themselves as the opponents of the “metropolitan elite,” their claims are somehow automatically legitimised by the public – no matter how inaccurate they are.


Uppingham educated Tice should do what Farage did; sod off from politics and take his rambling rantings elsewhere, they have no place in a civilised society.


Pictured top: Self-declared “cause based campaigner” Richard Tice with his so-called ‘journalist’ lover Isabel Oakeshott.


The Reform UK leader was previously deservedly “roasted” for an “utterly creepy advert” that “read like an advert for condoms” in 2019.

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  • They are wrong with their key wish and analysis why an earth would anyone listen to their nonsense on all and everything else. I can only urge Dominic Grieve to come back and disperse Rasputin-Cummings and his currently chosen gaggle of shape-shifters.

  • A dangerous anti-vaxxer who will not shut up in the future. These people cause death and long term illness. Take them seriously and oppose them wherever they creep out from. The likes of Kate Shemirani , Ms Shemirani had described nurses as being “complicit in genocide” and “criminals and liars”. These people are dangerous and often use the term "Nazi"
    Needless to say they want to emulate the anti-vax snake oil scammers Mercola, Tenpenny et al, and make money from the vulnerable .

    • Absolutely spot on Mr Duck. Speaking of making money from the vulnerable me thinks that might also catch Boris allowing, no making mandatory, several PCR tests bought from the monopoly of his approve'es at £40 - £100 a pop when the soppy things only actually cost pence. Wake up travel industry Heathrow is quieter now than it was last year!

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