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Reward Offered – Martin Allen


James Stunt offers a £50,000 reward via ‘The Steeple Times’ for information leading to the conviction of the abductors of Martin Allen


Fifteen year old Martin Allen disappeared on 5th November 1979. He was allegedly last seen at Gloucester Road underground station but no body has ever been found. His parents, Tom and Eileen, have both since died and justice for this innocent victim has never been done.


Police enquiries into his disappearance ceased in the 1980s, resumed in 2009 and then progressed further when news of the VIP abuse that went on at the evil pit of depravity that was the Elm Guest House surfaced in 2012.


Now, in a new development, businessman James Stunt has decided to offer a reward of £50,000 for information leading to either finding Keith Allen alive or the conviction of his killer.


Mr Stunt comments:


“The injustice of this matter is a disgrace. Kate and Gerry McCann have had an army of police assistance and £12.5 million has been spent supporting an investigation into their missing child. The Allen family have had nothing.”


“Just because they were poorer, it is wrong that this case turned cold. I think this is disgraceful and I am prepared to offer a cash reward of £50,000 for any information that leads to the resolution of this extremely sorry story.”


“Anyone who backed the McCann campaign should join me in this endeavour. I call on Sir Richard Branson, Simon Cowell, Jacqueline Gold, Sir Philip Green, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Sir Tom Hunter, Brian Kennedy, Bill Kenwright, Esther McVey, Sir Christopher and Lady Meyer, Clarence Mitchell, Wayne Rooney, J. K. Rowling and John Hargreaves to all match me penny for penny. Even Theresa May should dust off her cheque book and I am a member of the Conservative Party so it takes a lot for me to say this.”


Anyone with information on this case is welcome to email


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Reward Offered – Missing Martin Allen from Kensington – James Stunt offers a £50,000 reward via ‘The Steeple Times’ for information leading to the conviction of the abductors of Martin Allen.
James Stunt

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  1. Those McCann people really do worry me. Well done James Stunt for standing up for the ordinary person instead of being like Philip Green and toadying up to Middle Class ones who couldn’t be even bothered to pay for childcare.

  2. What a disgrace. The Allen family were let down by the system yet Theresa May’s friends the McScams got millions. Absolutely outrageous. James Stunt has shown a new side to his persona and I am very impressed.

  3. Well done James Stunt. I hope this leads to something positive and I hope your campaign for the Menendez brothers is successful too.

  4. The man deserves to be made a Saint if this comes to anything. The police have let this family down and I believe the government covered it up. Google Elm Guest House and Kitty.

  5. Why does it take a reward of £50k to get justice? Why do our police not have the resources to get cases like this solved. Corruption is rife and this once great Nation stinks.

  6. Good on you James, thank god somebody cares. It’s a travesty of justice that nothing more was done when Martin Allen went missing back in 79. It was obviously linked to that Elm guest house and the den of depraved perverts, most of who were politicians and other well-known business people don’t worry, you can take your finger of the panic button, no names mentioned. Most of them would be dead now, or too old to be prosecuted anyway.
    There was obviously a massive cover up back then, so we will probably never know what really happened. I can’t imagine what that poor kid would have gone through at the hands of those perverts; I just hope there is some justice on the other side.
    I’m surprised we haven’t heard from FIND MADELINE, FIND HER NOW, nut case, I wonder what her thoughts are on the 50 grand up for offer, when millions have been spent on the, find Madeline case?
    Oh Stacey, we would love to hear from you as well, you probably think the Elm guest house was all just made to persecute innocent paedophiles, like Mr Saville, Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris etc etc.

  7. It’s great that James is interested in Philanthropy as there is much State cover up that needs uncovering. Let’s hope he receives the support from many other wealthy people to stick their neck out to at least try and get peodo Britain, a safer place for children to grow up in, instead of the cesspit State Institutional Paedophile infested Central Government and Local Government that is ruing the core of society…..

  8. This is the first time I have seen or heard of this! I would like to set up a meeting with this fella as I have never heard of him just hope he’s for real and not a hoaxer! I will not tolerate someone getting and any gain from my brothers disappearance, 5 investigations 2 applications for death certificate which was refused again !! And still no closer conclusion.
    Why 5 investigations if there is nothing in it just a disappearance?? Hmm it stinks as far as I’m concerned! Speak to me MR STUNT!

  9. I am Kevin Allen elder brother of Martin Allen 79 this is the year he was abducted apparently from Gloucester Rd tube station. Since then both of my parents have passed away,
    My father had a huge heart attack and didn’t know what hit him, My mother had dementure and had her first stroke which she pretty much regained herself then 2 yrs ago almost she had the death blow stroke and was unresponsive she refused food and water for 21 days.We had placed a DNR on her she just laid there staring at the ceiling of a Hospital ward the Dr asked me why I thought she was hanging on for I said to him I knew why it would have been Martins birthday on the 19 October 19 days after she entered the Hospital she survived on air until the 21st then drew her last breath! She saw out Martins birthday ! Then gave up waiting for the inevitable.I found your article only this Sunday which shook me to be honest James Stunt and yourselves should have contacted me prior to this being put out there! Operation Malswick should have been notified also Malswick is the 5-6 police investigation of which I have instigated all but the initial disappearance of Martin. In that time I has discovered many many twist and turns of parties that I believe were directly and indirectly involved,however the police struggle as I have been informed to get passed Gloucester Rd and or Earl’s Court Martins final sighting!
    Anyway cut to, I would like to meet James Stunt for a chat regarding his statement in your news revelation, I will meet him where ever he wants I bear no malice to him I would like to just have a chat please make this happen I don’t mind if one of your agents are present however in that case I would have my representative guy with me as I only trust 1 journo since the verbal assassination by the media of “Nick” email me and I can prove to you that I am who I say I am regards KevA

    • This is James Stunt – believe me sir I am very real and sickened by the shameful treatment that you and your family have suffered. Call me so you can see that my brother is dead and lies have been written and I and my money are with you you have my number. Please do not think I ever would cheapen your brothers memory I have been where you are to a much lesser extent yet as you know a brother is priceless. Yours James Stunt x [EDITED]


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