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Remembering 7/7

As offensive graffiti is daubed on the 7/7 memorial, we urge readers to remember the 52 victims today


Overnight and prior to today’s ninth anniversary of the 7/7 bombings in London, offensive graffiti has been daubed on the memorial to the 52 victims in Hyde Park. This shameful act should be universally condemned.


Vandals daubed graffiti on the memorial overnight
Royal Parks staff were quick to cleanup the memorial

Discovered this morning by the park’s manager, the 52 steel pillars – which each represent a victim – were spayed with ridiculous statements such as “7/7 was an inside job” and “four innocent Muslims”.


Thankfully the Royal Parks staff have managed to remove the graffiti and today’s memorial service can go ahead. The British spirit lives on and we join with all decent folk in today remembering the 52 innocent people who died on 7th July 2005.


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