A Ridiculous Rant From Reform UK

Nikolay Kalinin on Metro Bank closing down the bank account of the Reform UK party and loopy leader Richard Tice’s ridiculous reaction.

Nikolay Kalinin on Metro Bank closing down the bank account of the Reform UK party and loopy leader Richard Tice’s ridiculous reaction

As I have previously argued, Richard Tice is nothing but an incompetent piffle-spitter whilst his Reform UK party is nothing more than a circus dedicated to spreading misinformation.


It seems, however that Tice and his circus have finally got what they deserved, because recently Metro Bank has made the decision to close down his party’s accounts, with their justification being that the account was “no longer commercially viable.”


In a letter to the party, Metro Bank continued: “After careful consideration, we are unable to continue to act as your bankers,” whilst later in a statement the bank added:


“We regularly review our customer accounts and close those which are no longer commercially viable. The decision to close the Brexit Party account was made for commercial reasons only as a business as usual decision. Metro Bank is and will remain politically neutral.”


Unsurprisingly, Tice launched into a rant, stating that the bank’s decision was “based on politics,” and generally attempting to paint the party as an honest group being hunted down by the establishment. He stated: “We are fifth in the polls. It’s not like we’re some extremist zealots. We got 300,000 votes in the May elections.”


Tice’s comments about his party not being well to the right of Genghis Khan is clearly inaccurate. In the last month alone, they have campaigned against vaccines and vaccine passports, a rhetoric that has also been used by extremists like Kate Shemirani and Piers Corbyn and previously they’ve supported policy changes that would bring clearly dangerous chlorinated chicken into Britain.


In regards to their account being targeted for political reasons, that statement is also inccorect, because the truth is that when it comes to commercial activities, the party hasn’t had much success.


If you go to the profile of the party on the Companies House and see the report of financial statements, it’s visible that throughout the entire 2019, Reform UK – or the Brexit Party, as it was known back then – made only £12,156 from commercial activities such as merchandise sales and events.


The party may have received millions of pounds worth of donations, but their lack of commercial success illustrates that they truly aren’t economically viable and therefore deservedly had their bank accounts closed.


My advice to Mr Tice is that he stop behaving like Tucker Carlson and that he ceases whining about how oppressed he is. Such behaviour will not get him much support, as, equally, in this year’s London Assembly elections the party pathetically achieved just 1% of the regional vote and just 2.4% of the constituency vote.


Richard Tice succeeded Nigel Farage as leader of Reform UK in March 2021 and now has every reason to look glum. Aside from the party’s electoral failure, it shortly won’t even have a bank account.

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  • I despair with these tight buttock-ed uber right Mail reading Hyacinth Bucket-esq Geheime Staatspolizei seedlings. Who the phuq gives a toss of their pronouncements. The damage for the moment is done and when the Covid bad news smoke goes away it will be felt and better seen. When The Union is broken up and our only industry (Invisible s) has all buzzed off to join all of our money in Europe then these jokers pouring petrol over the mess will be as welcome as an individual thought in Rasputin-Cumming's presence. For a fuller treatment of this irritant I would refer readers to comments of Officer Duck and myself here

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