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Questioning Randy Andy

Friend of deceased paedophile and mucky madam Prince Andrew targeted in a protest outside Buckingham Palace; ‘Randy Andy’ now needs to do the decent thing and answer the FBI’s questions.

Friend of deceased paedophile and mucky madam Prince Andrew targeted in a protest outside Buckingham Palace; ‘Randy Andy’ now needs to do the decent thing and answer the FBI’s questions

Yesterday, video footage of a protest outside Buckingham Palace against paedophiles appeared on YouTube. It was captioned: “Anti-Prince Andrew demonstration” variously, but strangely the mainstream media have decided not to even cover the event.


Previously targeted at the palace in February with an American school bus carrying an advert featuring his face and the words: “If you see this man please ask him to call the FBI to answer their questions” by the lawyer Gloria Allred, whom represents several of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, the Duke of York was unlikely present during either of the debacles.


A video of the protest at Buckingham Palace against Prince Andrew was uploaded to YouTube yesterday.
Virginia Giuffre reacted to news of the protest by taking to Twitter to state: “That’s right @RoyalFamily lol outside and see the crowds gather around and call you out. You do not deserve to be collecting taxes from the public- what are they getting out of it? A corrupt gov- well that’s what you get- protesters! #saybyetotheroyals #Justice”

Now, the heat is being turned up for the deservedly reduced royal and if he is indeed as innocent as he claims of the allegations made against him by Virginia Giuffre, he should finally do the decent thing: Answer the questions of the American authorities about his involvement in this sorry saga.


Pictured top: ‘Randy Andy’ with Jeffrey Epstein in 2010 – soon after the paedophile’s release from his first stint in prison.


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Questioning Randy Andy – Prince Andrew with Virginia Giuffre at the home of Ghislaine Maxwell at 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia on 10th March 2001. The royal claims the photograph is a fake, whilst Giuffre has stated she is “running out of hope” that any punishment will be given for the crimes she alleges were perpetrated against her when she was a minor.
Questioning Randy Andy – The American school bus that delivered a message to Buckingham Palace in February 2020.
Questioning Randy Andy – The Duke of York with Donald Trump. Both associated willingly with both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and both need to explain their involvement with these undoubtedly deviant duo.
Questioning Randy Andy – Sarah Ferguson with Ghislaine Maxwell. The former wife turned live-in sidekick of the non-sweating Prince Andrew happily accepted £15,000 from the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Whether it was ever repaid is unknown.

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  • It's about time this little mummys boy, pathetic excuse for a man did the right thing and just man up. What can he possibly be worried about if he's got nothing to hide. He's obviously guilty of something, and after his disastrous interview, he's probably been advised, for gods sake your RH, keep your mouth shut and say nothing, it will all blow over. That is if Maxwell doesn't decide to cut a deal. I kind of really hope she does, and names a few people, I don't want to see her get a lesser sentence. But it would be worth it to see some of these untouchables taken down, and the stupid grin wiped off the Duchess fat face.

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