P**s Off Piers

P**s Off Piers – Piers Morgan withdraws from presenting an awards ceremony after an online campaign to oust him went viral; next he needs to leave Britain for good

Piers Morgan withdraws from presenting an awards ceremony after an online campaign to oust him went viral; next he needs to leave Britain for good


On Sunday, Piers Morgan, undoubtedly one of the most loathed men in Britain, took to social media to explain why he has opted to pull out of hosting the Royal Television Society Programme Awards after an online campaign to have him ousted went viral. Amongst those to have supported it were the spin doctor turned journalist Alastair Campbell, the actor Adrian Lester, OBE and the playwright and novelist Bonnie Greer, OBE.


In the statement, Morgan – a man best known for publishing fake pictures of British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners in 2004 and for his feuds with everyone from Jeremy Clarkson to J. K. Rowling – remarked:


I was recently invited to host the Royal Television Society Programme Awards.

As someone who has worked in British and American television for most of this Millennium, on a variety of shows, I thought it might be fun and agreed to do it without any fee.

After my role was announced, a campaign was started to have me banned.

It suggested that I lack the ‘creative excellence’ criteria required for presenting such an event and therefore my presence would be ‘damaging’ and ‘inappropriate’.

Further, I have ‘failed to understand a social movement that values equality and diversity of voice’.

Apparently, this movement does not extend to tolerating my own diverse voice.

I have no wish to serve as an unnecessary distraction from award winners whose hard work and skill should be celebrated without any of the silly noise this campaign has generated.

So, I am now withdrawing from hosting the evening. Good luck to everyone who has been nominated.


Morgan (who was born Piers O’Meara and whose full name is Piers Pughe-Morgan), for the first time in his life, has understood the public mood and reacted appropriately. Given how much he is hated in Britain and given his love for his friend Donald Trump, we urge him to continue on the path of sensible moves and emigrate. He should permanently move to America and he should never come back.





  1. I used to dislike him but he has been a tremendous supporter of Donald Trump and that is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He would make a great spokesperson for the man who is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But British people should be ashamed of itself for bullying him out of his job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ok, the guy can be so obnoxious and rude to his colleagues when presenting GMB, and the guy does get up my back abit. But hes the only one who has the balls to challenge any topic and his perseverance in getting his interviewees to answer questions they don’t want to answer are second to none. If you leave the dangerous questions to be answered to his colleagues, on GMB they just pussyfoot around very carefully not trying to upset the viewers and keeping their nice safe jobs. Sorry but heared to many people slagging off Piers, he definitely is the only journalist who has the balls and gets the job done. Another Witch hunt by the politically leftie liberal correct to oust him off in the shadows.


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