Plane Perverted

Plane Perverted – Name of 9-year-old on Jeffrey Epstein lap revealed – Previously unnamed 9-year-old child pictured on the lap of Jeffrey Epstein on his plane in ‘Daily Mail’ suggested to be daughter of billionaire Glenn Dubin.

EXCLUSIVE – Previously unnamed 9-year-old child pictured on the lap of Jeffrey Epstein on his plane in ‘Daily Mail’ suggested to be daughter of billionaire Glenn Dubin

This afternoon on Twitter, author, sex abuse survivor and advocate Kirby Sommers shared what the Daily Mail chose to hide and remarked: “If WE figured out the girl on Jeffrey Epstein’s lap was Celina Dubin (Eva & Glenn Dubin’s daughter) & that there were 2 little girls, not just 1 (the younger being her little sister Maya) WHY didn’t the Daily Mail figure it out?”


Linking to an article about “never-before-see photos [showing] Jeffrey Epstein cuddling [a] sleeping girl” on his lap on his plane, Sommers subsequently tweeted another pair of images of Celina Dubin and added:


“And, again, Celina Dubin bears a striking resemblance to the photo of the little girl than hung in Jeffrey Epstein’s home which Virginia Giuffre provided to the FBI over one decade ago. If you notice Virginia BLACKED out the area where the little girl’s bottom was BARE.”


Further backing this up, Ghislaine Maxwell’s accuser and alleged victim of Prince Andrew also, Virginia Giuffre, earlier linked to an article about the matter and tweeted:


“Chilling image of Epstein emerges – I know who that little girl is and have been threatened if I ever say her name… again. Very very sad what she was subjected too & that the parents are being protected. #Enough #Terrified #Help #IRemember.”


Elsewhere, back in September 2019, Vanity Fair’s William D. Cohan revealed: “For billionaire Glenn Dubin, the Epstein saga is far from over.” At that time, he suggested: “Could one of Manhattan’s most prominent power couples know more about the Epstein mystery?” and now it seems this decidedly dubious couple’s world could indeed be deservedly starting to finally unravel.


Listen to Kirby Sommers’ ‘Epstein Project Podcast’ by clicking here.


Plane Perverted – Billionaire big spenders Glenn and Eva Dubin allegedly allowed Jeffrey Epstein to be the godfather to their three children. In 2009, former Miss Sweden Eva Andersson-Dubin wrote to the filthy paedophile’s probation officer and remarked that she was “100% comfortable with Jeffrey Epstein around my children [who were then minors].”
Plane Perverted – Kirby Sommers’ first tweet about the matter.
Plane Perverted – Her second showing other images of Celina Dubin.
Plane Perverted – Alleged victim of both Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew, Virginia Giuffre previously shared a link to another article from about the previously unshared images also.


  1. In that tweet virginia giuffre shared she wrote ” Very very sad what she was subjected too ” does it mean the little girl was also an abuse victim?
    If truth then daily mail or whoever is right not to publicly ID the victim without that girl’s consent.

  2. Bloody scum bag pervert, makes my blood boil when I think he got away with it all.
    As for Maxwell, let’s hope she gets her just deserts.
    The parents? well their just as bad, and don’t give me the bull tish, “We didn’t know what ws going on.

    • Very sorry Mr Worrall Thompson. I have asked our technical people to resolve this as it is quite annoying, I agree. My apologies.


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