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Pitying Petra

A reminder of what Petra (Ecclestone) Stunt had to say about her husband back in 2014


In August 2014, Petra Stunt – a woman who’d probably now prefer once again to be called Petra Ecclestone – wrote to The Steeple Times to share her displeasure about an article we’d published.


Mrs Stunt, aside from rambling on rather ridiculously, defended her now errant husband’s ‘good name’ and claimed he was “not a public figure.” She claimed he did not have the bevvy of vehicles he’s famous for travelling around in before knowing her and also added: “My father likes my husband James Stunt very much.”


As this couple now face what could be the most expensive divorce in history, prenups aside, one is left feeling rather sorry for poor pitiable Petra Stunt. What a difference three years makes.


Petra Stunt’s unedited comments in full follow:


My father likes my husband JAMES STUNT very much the article was done by James and my father to the journalist in question who is free lance and was making up lies and allegations I state on the record that Paul Scott recorded without my fathers knowledge! the whole conversation and edited to his agenda to make it seem as though my father despised my husband, and to bulster his tiny career like he had an exclusive. My husband is an intensely private person and my families views are irrelevant and simply not true . i’m sure the press will photograph my fathers up coming birthday where he and James will be together like they were half of yesterday alone as family even I was not with them. For the record this is the truth Scott’s intrusion should have been realised by him as my father called him after his intrusion into my husband not an editor or an official journalist for associated news papers. My telling is not my husbands doing it’s my own as no one would write such non sense about him if he was not my husband even though my legal name is now Stunt they still use me as Ecclestone to carry every headline! If he was so famous and news worthy which he is not they would not need my maiden name in every headline on every article they write! as he had all the cars and bodyguards before i even met him. His private life is his own and owning cars and being married to me does not make him a public figure. PETRA STUNT


p.s This blog is a disgrace.


Pitying Petra – Petra Ecclestone Stunt’s comments to The Steeple Times – A reminder of what Petra Ecclestone Stunt had to say about her husband back in 2014 to The Steeple Times.
James Stunt was photographed Friday leaving his now former home, Sloane House in Old Church Street, Chelsea, with two pottery cats; earlier he had a “last meal” delivered – it cost £19.06


5 comments on “Pitying Petra”

  1. Was she not paying attention in school during grammar and essay writing lessons? Quite amazing account that verges on incoherent at times.

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