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Picture of the Week – Vanishing Vaz

Completing his disgrace, rent boy loving ex-Labour MP Keith Vaz’s ‘On Your Side’ sign is finally removed from his constituency office

On Monday, Karam Bharij, a member of the ‘P45 For Keith Vaz’ Facebook group, shared an image of two men taking down a sign – captioned ‘Keith Vaz – On Your Side’ – from the now disgraced rent boy loving ex-MP Keith Vaz’s constituency office.


Accompanied by the description: “Keith Vaz – office removal – Sign comes down – would have thought he would need a truck to carry away all the industrial washing machines to his house from Leicester Melton road.”


Of the activity, one member of the group, Adam Letts, commented: “[Vaz] seems to do everything at night. Take signs down, get decorating quotations!!” whilst another, Loyd Harrald, stole the former MPs own mantra and remarked: “Let’s get this party started.”


Elswehere on the page, another image, references Vaz – who pretended to rent boys that he was an industrial washing machine seller and who was once described by the ex-MP Patrick Mercer as a “crook of the first order” – is an image of the serial source of scandals next to a pot of Vaseline. It is amusingly accompanied by an amended label reading: ‘Keith Vazeline’ whilst a picture of the corrupt politician bizarrely collapsed on his side in a suit in a sandpit has comments that include: “[The] effects of coke” and “cover him up” alongside.


They say all “political careers end in failure.” In the case of The Rt. Hon. Keith Vaz, one can add: “And with a sign that’s no longer ‘on his side.’”


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The sign before it was taken down.
Another image of the ex-MP transfers his name to a pot of Vaseline and is titled: “Keith Vazeline.”
Mr Vaz flat out in a sand pit.

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  • How was he allowed to get away with his activities for so long? So many scandals. Not just the male prostitutes. Money scandals. Bullying... Shame on Jeremy Corbyn for not getting rid of him, but shame also on Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown also.

  • I feel sorry for the rent boy he rogered without a condom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He probably gave the lad a disease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dirty rodent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He was a regular at the Curry Awards and he was always actually rather charming to chat to. His private life, though, was plainly very undesirable. I do hope he isn't give a peerage.

  • Perhaps Keith could get a job, given his liking for decorating, working with Ian Towning in his shit shop in the stupidly named Bourbon Hanby Arcade. They'd both enjoy brushing bums no doubt.

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