Picture of the Week: The lights aren’t on and no one’s home

“Home-ageddon” hits London


Sent in by reader and photographer John Stoddart, our Picture of the Week is of a page from the Evening Standard. It sums up what’s become of Central London perfectly.


The lights indeed aren’t on and no one’s home

Taken from an article by Rosamund Urwin, the feature states: “Just walk around the back streets of Knightsbridge or Kensington at night; the lights aren’t on and no one’s home”.


Urwin is sadly bang on the nail. The foreign investors who have forced up the price of basement flats in Lennox Gardens to £2 million, for example, do not live here. Central London homes, in fact, have just become places to park money.



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    1. So true and so sad , those areas are losing any sense of community or characters, and it is expanding fast beyond Knightsbvridge , Belgravia and Mayfair, like a dark shadow descending. .
      I wish the Gov had or finally will tackle this issue of vast money being aired in London to dry.. and all non residents should pay a hefty tax , just as in the US or more to compensate with the lax controls .


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