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Picture of the Week: Skintland

A redrawn map of Scotland sums up the perils of independence


It’s always been our belief that the sum parts of the Union are worth more together than apart. Great Britain is great because of the diversity brought together in uniting England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth and with their attempt to become independent, the Scots lobbying for it just show themselves to be fools.


An independent Scotland would indeed be “Skintland”

Our Picture of the Week, discovered by Peter Burrell, sums up the situation perfectly. Scotland would need to be renamed “Skintland” if Alex Salmond’s ludicrous proposals were to go ahead. Hadrian’s Wall would need to be reinstated and the Scots would need to move themselves into the third world. The independence campaign is a ludicrous waste of money and it should jolly well be halted.



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    • Give the Olympics to the Scots. They take everything else from us….. I heard this once and it is right.

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