Picture of the Week: Expand The Arts


Both The Arts and the expansion of Heathrow deserve to be backed by us all


Our Picture of the Week shows an advertising hoarding advocating the expansion of Heathrow that has been altered by a graffiti artist. Both the original and updated slogans it features are, in our view, correct.


This poster was attacked by a graffiti artist

The original reads:


“Expand Heathrow and the benefits will extend all over Britain”.


The revised version reads:


“Expand The Arts and the benefits will extend all over Britain”.


Both culture and transport need more support and given the prospect of the Mayor of London’s ‘Boris Island’ has sadly ground to a halt, it is time to support the expansion of Heathrow and such things as HS2. Equally, given Britain’s unique position as a cultural giant, it is time we properly funded The Arts. The two are not mutually exclusive.



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