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Picture of the week: Cracking up

The most unlikely of bedfellows, crack cocaine and judges


Our picture of the week was kindly supplied by barrister James Dove. It features two advertisements spotted in London.


“What’s the crack!” about becoming a judge?

The first is for a “crack group” and the second asks have you “ever thought about becoming a judge?”


Someone was most definitely “cracking a joke” by putting the two posters side by side. Call in Judge Judy.

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  • Cherie Blair known professionally as Cherie Booth QC allowed a cocaine smuggler to walk free from court.
    Sitting as a Crown Court judge, she gave drug dealer Lee Williams a suspended sentence even though he had a kilogram of cocaine worth £145,600.
    Cherie Blair was not cracking a joke, she was dead serious.
    Who said they are unlikely bedfellows? Judge for yourself.

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