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What, first, Peter Mandelson, was it that attracted you to the multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein?

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After ‘The Sun’ publishes a previously unseen photograph of pompous ‘Prince of Darkness’ Peter Mandelson at a birthday bash for croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein in Paris, it is time for Sir Keir Starmer to respond to the petition calling for the peer’s suspension from Labour whilst an investigation is carried out

Proudly “pompous” ‘Prince of Darkness’ Peter Mandelson’s proximity to the prolific paedophile Jeffrey Epstein was first featured on our pages back in June 2020. Now, after The Sun shared a previously unseen photo of the pair together in Paris, calls for Sir Keir Starmer to suspend the peer from Labour whilst an investigation is carried out into how deep their involvement went is again attracting attention.


In the image – taken circa 20th January 2007 in Epstein’s £10.025 million ($13.525 million, €11.900 million or درهم49.670 million) Parisian paedo pad AFTER the lover and associate of Ghislaine Maxwell had been charged with soliciting a woman for prostitution in August 2006 – the pair are seen with diminutive butler Valdson Viera Cotrin celebrating the financier’s birthday.


Pictured in a hoodie in his dining room blowing out candles is Epstein whilst ‘Mandy’ – whom features in the now infamous ‘black book’ we believe belonged to Ghislaine Maxwell with 10 phone numbers attributed – gawps onwards rather over-enthusiastically, a glass of red wine in front of him. The pair look perfectly at ease together, in spite of the fact that various newspapers had already reported on the horrific allegations against the Brooklyn born taxi driver turned teacher turned financier.


As published previously in The Steeple Times, Lord Mandelson – at the time the European Union Trade Commissioner – holidayed with Epstein just months before the latter’s arrest in 2005 on St Barts. The two “middle-aged holidaymakers” were photographed in a fashion boutique where the former was snapped trying on a white belt whilst wearing his £21,000 ($28,500, €25,200 or درهم104,800) Patek Phillipe watch – which the Daily Mail pointedly noted to be worth “almost two months of hism post-tax income”). Opposite him, his clear ‘mate’ Epstein is captured giggling.


The key ‘classic question’ Lord Mandelson now needs to answer is a paraphrasing of that put to decidedly dippy Debbie McGee by the late Caroline Ahern (in her role as the bonkers but brilliant ‘Mrs Merton’) in 1997: “What, first, Peter, was it that attracted you to the multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein?”


To join the 1,500 people who have already signed the petition calling on Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer “to SUSPEND Peter Mandelson’s membership of the party while ordering an independent investigation into the extent of Mandelson’s historical involvement in the sex trafficking, paedophilia and sexual blackmail enterprise of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell,” click here.


The latest picture – featured in ‘The Sun’ shows Jeffrey Epstein living it up with Peter Mandelson at his Paris paedo pad. Whilst Lord Mandelson may or may not have seen newspaper reports about the arrest of his ‘chum’ months earlier, one is left questioning the standard of his judgment in hanging around with this subsequently convicted nonce.
The setting of the picture is clearly the dining room of the apartment and the man in the middle of the previous picture is most definitely identifiable as the butler of the house, Valdson Viera Cotrin (pictured munching away at the same table, top).
As we’ve said of entries in the address book often misattributed to Jeffrey Epstein, which we instead believe is primarily the contacts of mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell, The Right Honourable The Lord Mandelson PC is someone closer to this deviant duo than most. With TEN phone numbers for him and his partner since 1998, Reinaldo Avila da Silva, this is someone who they clearly had regular contact with.
Oxford educated Peter Mandelson (St Catherine’s College, 1973 to 1976, pictured with Matthew Freud) and Oxford educated Ghislaine Maxwell (Balliol College, graduated 1985, pictured with Rupert Murdoch) are connected in multiple ways. Of the pension pot plundering ‘Bouncing Czech,’ the Labour peer once remarked: “It was very strange because you’d simultaneously want to be at Maxwell’s parties and at the same time shrink away from him. Because he was such a bully and so unpredictable. To be honest, I was frightened of his company. He had that ability to make you feel completely small and inadequate, and that just scrambled my head.”

The Seven Questions Lord Mandelson Ought To Answer

Accompanying her iPetition, Petra Malkovich asks seven questions. They are:


1. In January 2009, Peter Mandelson called Jeffrey Epstein in the Palm Beach Stockade (jail) that Mr. Epstein had inhabited after pleading guilty to procuring a minor for sexual abuse. This phone conversation was reported by UK national broadcaster Channel 4 on the Dispatches programme aired in October 2019.


During the phone call, Mandelson sought Epstein’s assistance to set up a meeting with Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan bank. The sex offender referred to Mandelson by a nickname (‘Petie’) during the conversation.


“I must say I was astonished that a British cabinet minister at that time, probably the most powerful man other than the Prime Minister, was calling Jeffrey in jail to make an appointment, to seek an appointment with a very powerful banker in New York,” the whistle-blower told Dispatches.


How can it be justified that Lord Mandelson called a convicted child abuser in jail?


2. In 2012, Peter Mandelson declared in a statement posted on the website of the TerraMar Project, an ostensible charity set up by Ghislaine Maxwell with financial support from Jeffrey Epstein, that he was “supporting” Ms. Maxwell’s organisation. U.S. law enforcement contend that the TerraMar Project was a fake charity slush fund for victims of Maxwell-and-Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.


How can it be justified that Lord Mandelson publicly supported Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged ‘fake charity slush fund’ for victims of sex trafficking?


3. On December 27th 2005, Peter Mandelson took part in a shopping trip with Jeffrey Epstein in Saint Barthélemys (photos published by the Daily Mail on August 30th 2019).


Peter Mandelson by this time had “known [Jeffrey Epstein] for several years, having previously once visited his Caribbean island for a holiday – when neither Epstein nor any of the girls were there,” the Daily Mail reported. Mandelson’s partner was also present for the earlier visit, according to eyewitness Cathy Alexander.


How can it be justified that Lord Mandelson socialised in person and discussed business in person with Jeffrey Epstein on multiple occasions [refer also to the events below]?


4. On a date falling after August 2006 and before June 30th 2008, Lord Mandelson paid a social visit to Jeffrey Epstein at the sex trafficker’s mansion in Paris [see the photo above].


At some point during this rendezvous in Paris of unknown duration, Mandelson and Epstein celebrated a birthday together – seemingly Epstein’s (Epstein was born on January 20th, which could point to the photo having been taken in either January 2007 or January 2008).


Epstein and Mandelson were joined for this birthday celebration by an as-yet-unnamed individual described in the press as an Epstein “staff member.”


How can it be justified that Lord Mandelson socialised with Jeffrey Epstein at the sex trafficker’s Paris residence after Epstein had already been charged with a sex crime (procuring a woman for prostitution)?


5. In March 2011 Virginia Roberts (now Virginia Giuffre) told the Mail on Sunday that Peter Mandelson had visited Jeffrey Epstein at his New York townhouse near Central Park, attending a dinner party with the sex trafficker. “I assumed they were in business together,” she recalled.


How can it be justified that Lord Mandelson socialised and/or discussed business with Jeffrey Epstein in the same building from which Mr Epstein was operating his sex trafficking, paedophilia and blackmail operation with Ghislaine Maxwell, with minors routinely sexually assaulted on the premises by Mr Epstein?


6. In January 2001 Peter Mandelson joined his friend Kevin Spacey at the Old Vic theatre in London, becoming an Associate Director in or before this date (Daily Telegraph, January 5 2001). Spacey had joined the board of the Old Vic Theatre Trust 2000 just a few weeks earlier, in November 2000.


In 2002, Ghislaine Maxwell, another of Mr. Spacey’s close friends, accompanied the Hollywood star on a private tour of Buckingham Palace led by Prince Andrew. Mr. Spacey was using his tenure at the Old Vic to serially sexually assault young actors – at least 20 – with most of the allegations relating to the period up to 2009.


How can it be explained that Lord Mandelson was so closely involved with Kevin Spacey and the Old Vic during the period of widespread sexual abuse concerned, yet encountered no reports of these recurring serious sexual abuse episodes involving his friend and colleague?


7. In or before 2013, Peter Mandelson was brought on to the board of the Alfred Herrhausen Society of Deutsche Bank, according to a July 14 2013 report in ‘Der Spiegel’ of Germany. The report identified Anshu Jain as the executive responsible for Mandelson’s appointment. Deutsche Bank executives approved Jeffrey Epstein as a client in 2013 and then kept working with him.


“[In 2013] Deutsche Bank was aggressively expanding its U.S. wealth management business under its new co-chief executive, Anshu Jain… Deutsche Bank executives ignored repeated red flags, including suspiciously large cash withdrawals and 120 wire transfers totaling $2.65 million to women with Eastern European surnames,” the New York Times reported.


Subsequently, Mr Jain “was forced to step down from the top job at Deutsche Bank after a series of regulatory mishaps.” In 2017 Mr Jain was hired by Jeffrey Epstein’s next-door-neighbour, Howard Lutnick of Cantor Fitzgerald, whose sister, Edie Lutnick, was (in common with Mandelson) a prominent self-declared supporter of Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘TerraMar Project’ charity.


How can it be explained that Lord Mandelson was closely involved at Deutsche Bank with the rogue DB executive who was financially enabling Jeffrey Epstein in the exact same period?


In 1997, the late Caroline Ahern (in her role as the bonkers but brilliant ‘Mrs Merton’) jokingly asked the dippy wife of the late magician Paul Daniels: “What, first, Debbie, was it that attracted you to the multi-millionaire Paul Daniels?” This question now needs to be asked of a certain Labour peer and his relationship with the croaked Labour donor Robert Maxwell’s deviant daughter and her since croaked ex-lover Jeffrey Epstein.
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