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Perish The Pavement Pests

Stand-on scooters, whether manual or electric, should be banned; they are nothing but moving deathtraps

Stand-on scooters – whether electric or otherwise – should be banned. These devices are utter menaces in public spaces and many now rightly question whether they are safe in any area at all.


Rightly this week, in the wake of the death of a vlogger named Emily Hartridge on an electric device in Battersea, the Metropolitan Police have decided to finally clamp down on these dangerous contraptions. Over 100 users have been stopped and, as reported here in The Steeple Times earlier this week, our own editor reported on how a stand-on scooter wielding nightmare named Ambar Zohra bashed into an elderly lady and then shamefully didn’t even bother to apologise.


Speaking to Metro earlier this week, a YouTuber, Noel Forrest, remarked:


“Emily [Hartridge] was one of my best friends, we grew up together. She was a very expressive, kind and caring person. It’s just so very sad. This is a tragedy but some good should come from it. Clearly e-scooters are not safe. Why allow the sale of something that is not safe? The existing ban should be enforced and extended to cover their sale.”


As Colin Wingrave of the Metropolitan Police pointed out on the BBC’s Breakfast programme this morning: “Electric scooters should not be on the pavement or the road.” Michael Hurwitz of Transport for London, rightly added: “They need at the very least to be regulated.”


We would go further: Ban these blessed nuisances. Stand-on scooters, be they manual or electric, belong in nowhere but scrapyards.




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  • We had a lady here killed when she was bowled over by one of these things. While I don't agree with banning them, I do agree that they should be registered in some way. Also let them be classed as a vehicle and only permissible on the actual road, and not the side walk. If you want to ride one of these contraptions, take yet chances on the highway.

  • These machines are motor vehicles and subject to same law as as cars However they need insurance tax and registration plates but they do not have lights registration number or insurance and as such are banned from public use and the drivers should be caught, prosecuted and lose their driving licence if they have one. They are not electric bikes which are legal and subject to some rules such as speed restrictions,These e- scooters can do 30 miles an hour.

  • Is it not already illegal to use them speeding on pavements? Bikes are not allowed on pavements how come that these scooters are ?

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