Nowt To Say Mr Barrymore?

Nowt to say Michael Barrymore Stuart Lubbock

Michael Barrymore’s decision to say nowt about the latest developments in the case of the murder of Stuart Lubbock sums him up as an utterly coward cretin

Michael Barrymore likes pretending to be Hitler and rolling around on the floor with drunken racist bigots like Marie-Claire, Baroness von Alvensleben. He also once worshipped the paedophile and abuser of dead bodies Sir Jimmy Savile, but the one thing he’s got nowt to say about is the rape and murder that occurred at his very own home on 31st March 2001.


Yesterday, after being approached for comment by the Mirror about the latest developments in the case of the sadistic killing of Stuart Lubbock at his Roydon, Essex bungalow, Barrymore arrogantly responded: “It’s a terribly sad situation for everybody. I have nothing to say at the moment.”


Today, yet again, we join those reminding this cretinous creep that he invited at least eight people to his residence for a drug fest on that fateful night. One of them was shockingly slayed and he himself ran away before the police even arrived. Michael Barrymore deserves nothing other than repeated shaming whilst his innocent victim’s family still require justice.


A House of Horror – Michael Barrymore’s naff bungalow, 4 Beaumont Park Drive, Roydon, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5HB – where at least two of those he’d invited raped, abused and murdered Stuart Lubbock on 31st March 2001 – was sold for £1.33 million in 2017. Barrymore had paid £392,500 for it in 1998 and was forced to sell it for £802,000 in 2005 to cover costs related to his bankruptcy.


  1. An utter scum bag, just like HRH, say nothing, keep your head down and it will all just go away. Unfortunately I can see this cretin will escape justice, I just hope karma catches up with the prick.

  2. You hit the nail on the head in your first interview with Shaun Attward, when you said “Stuart Lubbock is the important person here. Michael Barrymore is not the important person. Michael Barrymore is a person who has told lies.”

    I think it’s worth repeating just a few of the things he’s said.

    1. He claimed he couldn’t swim.
    His ex-wife, Cheryl and his former drugs counsellor both said he could. And why would any non-swimmer have a pool at his/her house, anyway?

    2. He claimed that Stuart’s injuries were definitely not inflicted at his house, but by a nurse at the hospital.
    The pathologists said this was impossible. Dead bodies do not bruise or bleed, but Stuart had suffered both bruising and significant haemorrhaging.

    3. He said in that interview with Piers Morgan that there were four women and five men at his house that night.
    Strange how there were officially three women and six men.

    4. He gave evasive and contradictory statements to Morgan and Martin Bashir as to whether drugs had been taken that night.

    5. He claimed in an interview with Bashir that he saw Stuart floating face-up in his swimming pool.
    Except that’s not what dead bodies usually do. The weight of the limbs will usually drag the body face-down. This is one reason why I believe Tony Bennett’s assessment that Stuart was never actually in the pool, at all.

    Is it any wonder that Barrymore has nowt to say right now?
    It’s beyond me why he isn’t in jail for perverting the course of justice, at the very least.


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