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Non-Policing a Lambo

James Stunt calls out the police over their inaction against those who sold his plainly illegally destroyed Lamborghini without his permission

Thanks to Theresa May as the most useless Home Secretary in history, the police have no resources. Proof of the consequences has yet again been provided in the form of the total inaction of both the Metropolitan and Surrey Police over the clear theft and destruction of a valuable Lamborghini owned by James Stunt.


Though plainly the car – registration ‘1 57UNT’ and in a state incapable of being driven after being stored for several years – was illegally sold and removed from Sloane House, Old Church Street, Chelsea without Mr Stunt’s authorisation (a clear example of a criminal offence), the police have weakly announced that their investigation has been concluded.


A person bizarrely described as a “black man with dyed green hair” by the Daily Mail – later revealed to be a scummy second rate footballer called Jamal Blackman – was seen claiming to be the owner as the car burnt in June 2019 in Kingswood, Surrey. Identified by a pensioner and witness named Michael Segal, it can be revealed that he was later taken to court, but those who allowed the car to pass into this strange creature’s hands have not. “Clearly the criminality that has gone on here has been largely ignored,” James Stunt told The Steeple Times, before adding: “I am disgusted at the way this matter has been brushed under the carpet.”


This morning we join James Stunt in calling for the Metropolitan and Surrey Police and the owner of Sloane House, the “very much in-need of a thesaurus” Petra Ecclestone, to explain themselves. Others associated with this sorry saga should also man-up and finally tell the truth. They include Miss Ecclestone’s ex-used car dealer fiancé, a loudmouthed, sockless moron called Sam Palmer, and her diminutive dwarf-like father Bernard, another equally pugnacious ex-used car flogger.


Pictured top: The very strange looking footballer Jamal Blackman and the remains of James Stunt’s Lamborghini.


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Non-Policing a Lambo – Why no action over destroyed Lamborghini? James Stunt calls out police over their inaction against those who sold his plainly illegally destroyed Lamborghini without his permission.
A not so classy trio with some questions to answer – Bernie Ecclestone, Petra Ecclestone and Sam Palmer.


6 comments on “Non-Policing a Lambo”

  1. What is that Sheila wearing?????? And what has that Sheila done to her boat race??????? Do NOT send that thing Down Under —- whether with a thesaurus or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thick as pigshit!!!!!!!!!! And the father looks like the Devil!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. All that money yet so malicious and vindictive. Bernie Ecclestone and his ex-wife should be ashamed of themselves for bringing up their daughters so appallingly. Look at her. What an almighty mess.

  3. Well what can you say? Ecclestone is filthy rich, and money talks, the 3 musketeers can get away with whatever. As long as Bernie and his tribe stay there and don’t bother us down under, they can kiss mine.

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