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Nissan IS Leaving

Crowdfunded advert van campaign used to illustrate the lies told by Brexiteers to those working at Leave.EU’s headquarters


The Vote Leave campaign used its bus to tell lies about the NHS and Brexit and now a crowdfunded advert van campaign is returning their untruthful allegations to them.


Sharing their message loud and large, Remain supporting @ByDonkeys parked the vehicle outside Lysander House – the headquarters of many of Arron Banks’ businesses and the registered address of Leave.EU – on Catbrain Lane in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol and displayed tweets from Nigel Farage amongst others.


Led By Donkeys, a grassroots campaign group that launched three weeks ago, has already raised over £99,000 and plans to use the money to display embarrassing tweets by Brexiteers across the land.


To support Led By Donkeys, click here.


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  • Brexit means Brexit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on Teresa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chuck out the immigrants and close your borders!!!!!!!!!!!! In Oz we have been tougher and we are winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on Brexit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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