Moron of the Moment – Natalie Elphicke MP

After using Twitter to dump her sex offender husband Natalie Elphicke MP has returned to the medium to abuse immigrants.

After using Twitter to dump her sex offender husband Natalie Elphicke MP has returned to the medium to abuse immigrants

Natalie Elphicke OBE MP only got rid of her “naughty Tory” sex offender husband after he was convicted. Until then she’d stood by this deranged deviant and thinking she was being clever, she dumped the disgraced ex-MP Charlie Elphicke via Twitter.


Whilst Mrs Elphicke cannot be blamed for her husband’s actions, she has admitted that she knew what he’d been upto and held hands with him as they left Southwark Crown Court during the trial. Here was an opportunistic woman who only ran for the hills when she knew the writing was on the wall and her, ridiculously, is a woman whom even managed to seize her now ex’s parliamentary seat also.


A shoeless Natalie Elphicke posed on a beach with what appeared to be a brand new boat on 16th August. No actual immigrants appeared in her video.

Now, Mrs Elphicke thinks she can put the past behind her and yesterday she returned to her favoured medium on Twitter to share a video of herself standing shoeless by a boat ranting about immigrants.


“It is unacceptable,” Elphicke raged, before adding: “Seven fit men and one woman. They came in this high-end dinghy and they’ve run away into the village.”


In response, Twitter users quite rightly condemned the Tory MP. One, @TerryRTull remarked: “You would hope with the exams crisis, #COVID19 and #BrexitReality coming you’d have more urgent things to occupy yourself.  Concentrate on the traffickers.”


Another, @fullerk006, added: “Can’t see any immigrants just a boat you put there for some sensationalism” whilst with irony one @FieryGingerCake remarked: “Can’t even control the husband.”


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Twitter users condemned Natalie Elphicke’s “sensationalism” and told her to “concentrate on the traffickers.” One even remarked: “Can’t even control the husband.”
One amusingly remarked: “Seven fit men, is she after a date?”
Another commented: “How about standing in Knightsbridge pointing at the empty houses bought by the dodgy Russian money too! Keep playing to your base, Natalie!”
“Please stop showboating” others suggested, whilst others quite rightly told Mrs Elphicke to focus on coronavirus, Brexit and the exam results fiasco.

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