Wally of the Week – Nadine Dorries

Tory twerp and Twitter twaddler ‘Mad Nad’ Nadine Dorries MP deserves to be sacked (if she doesn’t first resign) after disgracefully smearing Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer

It’s an incredibly rare thing when the Trotskyist terror Owen Jones is the one talking complete sense, but in calling for Nadine Dorries – a woman whom once ludicrously remarked: “[I’m] not an MP for any other reason other than because God wants me to be” – to be sacked after defaming Sir Keir Starmer by retweeting far-right smears about him, the author of Chavs is for once bang on the nail.


Quick to demand others correct, their errors – in August 2019, for example, Dorries herself tweeted: “I hope all those who gleefully flew to the keyboard and typed out  #porkies in an attempt to traduce the reputation of our PM @BorisJohnson are as quick to bang out an apology and put the record straight” – Dorries, currently a health minister for patient safety, suicide prevention and mental health, used Twitter to share a doctored far right video. It had been falsely manipulated to make it look like the new Labour leader knew about child abuse and did nothing whilst head of the Crown Prosecution Service and though she’s deleted it, she hasn’t even issued a public apology.


The woman whom branded David Cameron and George Osborne “two arrogant posh boys who don’t know the price of milk” has now been shown herself to be someone who doesn’t know the truth behind what she tweets. In December 2012, Dorries declared: “My career is not over… It’s only just beginning.” We’d now argue, it’s time for this berk to end it all; it’s time for ‘Mad Nad’ to bog off and write a few more bonkbusters.




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Shame on ‘Mad Nad’ – Owen Jones called for Nadine Dorries to be sacked on Friday on Twitter (left); the since deleted retweet in which the Member of Parliament for Mid Bedfordshire suggested a “fake news” tweet was “revealing.”
Nadine Dorries where she belongs – The self-publicising MP covered in cockroaches and maggots whilst participating in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in November 2012.

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