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Stoning the Mucky Madam

As filmmaker Sean Stone suggests Ghislaine Maxwell could expose unpleasant truths for Hollywood, Virginia Giuffre scores another blow against the mucky madam and her late associate Jeffrey Epstein.

As filmmaker Sean Stone suggests Ghislaine Maxwell could expose unpleasant truths for Hollywood, Virginia Giuffre scores another blow against the mucky madam

Asked during an interview last week: “What is up with Hollywood? Can it come back? Can it survive COVID-19?” by Russia Today America’s Rick Sanchez, Oliver Stone’s son and fellow filmmaker, Sean, responded: “Can it survive Ghislaine Maxwell is the question, actually.”


He continued: “I still think there is a lot more that is going to come out here with this Ghislaine trial because remember who, all, has been on Jeffrey Epstein island. And there’s been more in terms of the private jets and there’s been more than Chris Tucker and Kevin Spacey and the Clintons. I think you are going to see other Hollywood icons involved… More than we imagine.”


“I don’t think it’s even about her spilling the beans. I think there is case and evidence that is being drawn up that is in conjunction with the investigation into her. A lot more will be exposed about Epstein and Epstein island. I am 100% positive on that. And the question is who will be involved, who will be implicated, who will talk.”


“Look, we haven’t seen the end of it. ‘Me Too’ was the beginning of this, we haven’t seen the end of it. So, COVID is a wonderful opportunity for everything to shut down and restructure, but I think there is a lot of concern in Hollywood across the board from the exposure on the Epstein thing.”


Elsewhere yesterday, Virginia Giuffre told the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan that “Ghislaine Maxwell’s desire for privacy failed to justify the continued sealing of a deposition that the British socialite has fought to keep out of the public eye” according to Byline.


Giuffre’s lawyers, Sigrid McCawley and David Boies, remarked: “Maxwell’s vague argument about privacy interests cannot justify total closure of the deposition materials [and overcome] the public’s presumption of access.”


Going further, of moaning Maxwell’s attempts to suggest she was getting “unfair pretrial publicity” and her belief that she will be place before “a tainted jury pool, especially in large metropolitan areas such as New York,” the lawyers added:


“The size and heterogeneity of such communities make it unlikely that even the most sensational case will become ‘a cause célèbre’ where the whole community becomes interested in all the morbid details.”


Still very much in their early stages, the unravelling of Miss Maxwell’s grubby activities has barely begun and now, as Sean Stone has rightly observed, there will be a lot of well-known people who’ll be resorting to the Donald Trump school of “good wishes.” It’ll be fascinating to watch them fall like dominoes.


Pictured top: Mendacious mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell with the catty catwalk calamity Naomi Campbell at a party in New York in 2002.


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Stoning the Mucky Madam – Oliver Stone’s son Sean has suggested Ghislaine Maxwell could do a lot of damage to the Hollywood elite as further details about her activities with the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein are revealed.
Stoning the Mucky Madam – Ghislaine Maxwell even sat on thrones in Buckingham Palace with the Hollywood horror Kevin Spacey. Yesterday in Manhattan, actor Anthony Rapp and another man filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages against Spacey, accusing him of sexual assaults in the 1980s when they were teenagers.
Ghislaine Maxwell’s Hollywood connections numbered the likes of the now jailed producer Harvey Weinstein. Here, she is pictured at a party for one of Prince Andrew’s daughters with that particular paedophile and her ex-lover and now deceased paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
No wonder she had an interest in the oceans – Miss Maxwell’s octopus-like tentacles have stretched far and wide and her address book included everyone from media moguls such as Rupert Murdoch (pictured) to aristocrats and actors.
Prince Andrew – accused of abuse by the at-the-time underage Virginia Giuffre – is another associate who has much to fear from his long-time friend. Will she do the right thing and finally tell the truth about what he got upto on 10th March 2001 in her house at 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London SW1X 8ES? Somehow, that seems unlikely, but stranger things have indeed happened.

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