Mr Gus Instinct on the Swiss

Mr Gus Instinct says: “Let’s salute the Swiss”


Yet again, Switzerland has fearlessly shown the way on another issue involving its own borders. Following their tradition to remain firmly neutral unless they need to act in defense of their own territory, the Swiss last week voted by a narrow margin to halt all further immigration.


Britain should follow Switzerland’s lead

Even the left wing saw sense in a right wing policy and Mr Gus Instinct reckons that this will no more harm them than any previous decision to avoid being governed by the Brussels bureaucrats. This move gives further credence to the need for a vote here and there is now a probability, at least, that we can stand firm and close the floodgates to the attractive proposition that used to be Great Britain.


UKIP please take note. If that party were to weed out the lunatics, then there is an absolute chance that some of their policies may come to fruition. Let’s follow the lead of Switzerland and accept that enough is enough.



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