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Moron of the Moment – Eamonn Holmes

Moron of the Moment – 5G fool Eamonn Holmes – Multi-millionaire 5G conspiracy theorist Eamonn Holmes deserves condemnation for inviting a scion to a billion pound fortune on to ‘This Morning’ to discuss COVID-19 instead of war hero Captain Tom Moore who has raised £4 million for the NHS.

Multi-millionaire 5G conspiracy theorist Eamonn Holmes deserves condemnation for inviting a scion to a billion pound fortune on to ‘This Morning’ to discuss COVID-19 instead of a war hero who has raised £4 million for the NHS

The nation is in the midst of dealing with a pandemic and most of us are sat at home in lockdown. ITV1’s This Morning’s Eamonn Holmes, however, yesterday yet again proved he just simply doesn’t get it. This Irishman illustrated it first in claiming the “mainstream media” (which he gets very handsomely rewarded financially to be part of) was hiding a link between 5G technology and coronavirus and now he’s shown himself up similarly by interviewing billionaires ahead of war heroes.


Quite rightly slammed by scientists as “irresponsible” and “ridiculous,” given his stupid words have resulted in attacks on communications masts by paranoid David Icke-types at a time when they are most needed by emergency services, the overpaid dimwit Holmes yet again excelled himself on Tuesday with a failed attempt at an apology. Then, to cap it all, he followed up with a most inappropriate choice of guests on the lowbrow show he co-presents with his wife, Ruth Langsford.


‘Sorry,’ it seemed was the hardest word for dear little Eamonn to say over ‘5G-gate.’ In fact, he didn’t actually say ‘sorry’ at all and, as the show opened, he casually ignored the fact that there had at that point already been 419 complaints to OFCOM about his recklessness. Instead, this buffoon lackadaisically attempted to suggest it was the viewers’ fault for “misinterpreting” his words and in what the Guardian journalist Marina Hyde wittily later termed a “quarter-arsed clarification” stated:


“Before we go onto the programme, I want to clarify some comments that some of you may have misinterpreted from me yesterday, around conspiracy theories and Coronavirus and this involved the roll out of 5G.”


“Both Alice Beer and myself agreed in a discussion on this very programme on fake news that it is not true that and there is no connection between the present national health emergency and 5G and to suggest otherwise would be wrong and indeed it could be possibly dangerous.”


“Every theory relating to such a connection has been proven to be false and we would like to emphasise that.”


“However, many people are rightly concerned and are looking for answers, and that’s simply what I was trying to impart yesterday but for the avoidance of any doubt I want to make it clear there’s no scientific evidence to substantiate any of those 5G theories.”


Whilst that the self-declared “best presenter in the country” Holmes – a moron whom previously reprehensibly “concluded an interview with a rape victim with the words: ‘I hope you take taxis now’” – was then quite correctly declared a “prick” by Count Binface (formerly Lord Buckethead) on Twitter was not surprising, but that he then chose the daughter of a billionaire as a guest for a segment termed: “Life in Lockdown” represented yet another own goal in the midst of a pandemic that is killing thousands.


On a day when it was revealed that a 99-year-old who had recently had a hip replacement, Captain Tom Moore, had raised a staggering sum for the NHS by doing ten laps of his garden per day, the daytime-show should have done an interview with this hero about his life in lockdown. Instead, the This Morning team opted to allow banshee-like, pyjama-clad Tamara Ecclestone – the irrelevant to ordinary folk scion of a family worth some £4 billion – to sit blabbering on whilst Eamonn Holmes bizarrely and most distastefully referenced her father, a dwarf-like man who once appallingly referenced Hitler as someone who “was able to get things done,” as a “stud muffin.” Anyone sane at this point turned off in utter amazement at this bizarre example of crassness.


Viewers, as was subsequently reported in the Mirror, reacted irately in “slamming” Miss Ecclestone – who claimed to have raised some £666,000 for the NHS via her husband’s art gallery business compared to Captain Moore’s singlehanded and rather more impressive £4 million sum in spite of his years and lack of a PR machine – but they should have gone further and actually condemned Eamonn Holmes for not having invited the former army officer on instead of this self-absorbed harpy.


The public might, just might, then have eased off the pressure on this most moronic man with a brain plainly fried by wireless technology waves. It is now time for Eamonn Holmes to be put out to pasture; but whoever is put in charge must make sure this foolish prat is never located anywhere near a 5G mast.


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Lord Buckethead reflected the views of many with his analysis of Eamonn Holmes as a “prick.”
Another Twitter user condemned Holmes for choosing Tamara Ecclestone as a guest.
Mirror readers were equally irate.
Meanwhile, back on Twitter another remarked on the “#COVID19 coping tactics of the rich and shameless.”
One Matt Owen pointed out how Holmes has been “wedged-up” by the “mainstream media” for “fuck knows how many years.”
A John Sweeney pointed out that Marina Hyde had bitten “the head off the moron Eamonn Holmes” and added: “He deserves it.”
Holmes was even referenced as being “like a drunk uncle” who “insults all your neighbours and then falls asleep mid vol-au-vent.”
Someone named Stuart Heritage mockingly urged Holmes to: “Fight the power.”
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