Moron of the Moment 2022 – Michael Fabricant MP

That bleached blonde bisexual bore Michael Fabricant MP thinks it funny to make jokes about a Tory colleague accused of rape shows that he is nothing but a deranged, dimwitted dunce.

That bleached blonde bisexual bore Michael Fabricant MP thinks it funny to make jokes about a Tory colleague accused of rape shows that he is nothing but a deranged, dimwitted dunce

The bleached blonde bisexual bore that is Michael Fabricant is 71 and he was elected as a Conservative Member of Parliament first in 1992; the Conservative Member of Parliament now shockingly accused and arrested for rape and serious sexual and violent crimes between 2002 and 2009 is in his 50s and was likely first elected in 2001.


Therefore, yesterday, in tweeting: “I am expecting a strong turnout of Conservative MPs at Prime Minister’s Questions today. Not only to demonstrate their strong support for Boris (!!). But also to prove they are not the one told by the Chief Whip to stay at home. I’ll be there! (winking face with tongue emoji),” this noxious nitwit simply made an utter berk of himself.


Subsequently deleted quite rightly after condemnation from all quarters, the Tory twerp who once tried to get the sick-to-his-core shock jock Michael Savage unbanned from Britain – is clearly at maximum 21 years older than his accused colleague ridiculously responded initially be suggesting those attacking him were “professional offence takers.”


Rightly, according to The Sun, subsequently, this utterly incapable of making his mind up about virtually anything moron got a “dressing down by party whips” but then remarked: “No-one is making light of rape or assault. Far from it. But those who want to read something into a comment will contrive to do so whatever.”


Responding, Labour MP Chris Bryant hit the nail on the head in suggesting that Fabricant’s original tweet clearly “implies rape and sexual are a laughing matter.” He added: “It shows callous disregard for the alleged victims.”


The abhorrent behaviour of “not exclusively gay” buffoon Michael Fabricant – who once laughably called for a pact between the Conservative Party and the fruitcakes that are UKIP and has also been known to yell “bollocks” in the House of Commons during a debate about the impacts of Brexit – has previously been described as “completely unacceptable” and now quite rightly other MPs have called out his latest lunacy as nothing but “grotesque” and “idiotic.”


It is time for this dimwitted dunce to do the decent thing; it is time for the poisonous pugnacious pensioner Michael Fabricant to just bog off and retire in ridicule. Nobody, just nobody anywhere, will miss this jaded joker.


Pictured top – The attention obsessed Member for Lichfield recently wore a blue and yellow tie and badge in support of Ukraine to Parliament, but in doing so – as did the equally attention obsessed former businessman James Stunt in turning up in court in such garb – just made an utter prized berk of himself.


On Thursday, the MP for Lichfield added fuel to the fire of his previous debacle on Twitter by tweeting: “I believe the Speaker is getting undue criticism for not revealing the name of the MP interviewed by the police. In any event, we have seen from the past, when accused people have been found innocent, it is for the Courts to determine guilt not the media especially in rape cases.” This dimwitted dunce should do something else: Learn the bloody art of silence.
The clearly off-his-not-so-merry rocker MP was filmed cycling naked around Hyde Park in October 2018. Here is someone with no capability for behaving in a right-and-proper fashion and here is someone who the Conservative Party, if it had an ounce of decency left, would simply expel on grounds of decency and good taste.
In November 2016, this deranged deviant and self-declared “due” changed his Twitter profile to a naked picture of the former ‘Coronation Street’ actor and former singer Adam Rickitt. Of this, ‘Metro’ declared: “We feel we should point out that this is not actually a photo of Fabricant himself – so don’t worry, you haven’t unwittingly seen his bare arse. This naked man is actually Adam Rickitt, a former Coronation Street actor who tried (and failed) to stand as a Tory MP in 2006… has contacted Fabricant’s office to attempt to get to the bottom (…sorry) of this.”
In May 2021, the Tory twerp shared a tweet in which he described pro-Palestine demonstrators who clashed with police as “primitives.” As is the norm with this nonsensical numpty, he was subsequently forced to delete the missive after unsurprisingly attracting widespread criticism.
Responding on LBC of the “fellow with the hair,” James O’Brien remarked: “You know what he’s gone and done now… This is unbelievable. I just, I just cannot quite believe it… It follows a big story, it’s a big investigation… You know me, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: They can still shock me, these people. They can still shock me, even after all this time.”

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