Michael Barrymore – It’s Time For Answers

Stuart Lubbock was MURDERED claims new detective investigating his death in Michael Barrymore’s swimming pool; his father, meanwhile, has his Twitter account suspended

This Thursday on Channel 4 at 9pm, a new documentary will air about the death of Stuart Lubbock on 31st March 2001 in a swimming pool at the home of the since rightly disgraced ‘entertainer’ Michael Barrymore.


Barrymore: The Body in the Pool will feature new allegations from a police detective, DCI Stephen Jennings, that Lubbock was raped and deliberately murdered and thus will set in motion a new investigation into the case of a man found with severe anal injuries.


As we reported in September 2019, many questions remain unanswered in this case and of the nine present that night, according to Barrymore – a man disgustingly paid £60,000 for an interview with Piers Morgan in which he declared as much himself – honesty has never been their policy.


Stuart Lubbock – A divorced father of two and a man most definitely an innocent victim of a crime most ghastly at the home of the master of deception that is Michael Barrymore. Why, one asks, is the former entertainer willing to go back on TV at a time when he refuses to meet face to face with the father of someone who died at his home?
An aerial shot of the scene of the CRIME that shows the very swimming pool where Stuart Lubbock died. In the aftermath Barrymore claimed he could not swim. His now late ex-wife, Cheryl, later proved otherwise.
It is an outrage that Terry Lubbock has been suspended by Twitter for allegedly “violating” their “rules” just as, finally, a real investigation into his son’s death has begun.

Speaking to the Daily Star and declaring he will be making a “fresh appeal for people to step forward to help find Stuart Lubbock’s killer,” DCI Jennings stated:


“I believe very much that Stuart Lubbock was raped and murdered that night. he scene was secured but not to the standard that we would expect, hence the reason that people were allowed back in there, and we know items have now gone missing. After we’d managed to photograph the scene, items have gone missing and we’ve never seized them.”


An unnamed spokesman for Essex Police added:


“In the aftermath of Stuart’s death on March 31 2001, a forensic assessment was carried out of the scene at the house in Roydon over the proceeding days. This included the capturing of photographs and video of the scene.”


“During that process two items recorded as being within the scene – namely a thermometer and pool door handle – went missing.”


“As these items have never been ­recovered and forensically tested their ­evidential importance is not known and it cannot be ruled out that they were used to inflict injuries upon Stuart.”


Elsewhere on Twitter this morning, Stuart Lubbock’s father, Terry, has bizarrely had his account suspended. We say shame on Michael Barrymore – who cowardly fled the scene before police arrived to investigate the death – for likely having caused this occurrence.


Pictured top: Most suitable bedfellows – Michael Barrymore rolling around drunk on the floor with the convicted racist and all-round cretin Marie-Claire, Baroness von Alvensleben.


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  • I am astounded it has taken this long for the police to realise the truth that we all already knew.

  • This whole investigation was a massive cock up by the police, right from the start. I do take my hat off to DCI Jennings for saying he believed Stuart Lubbock was raped and murdered, also admitting that the crime scene wasn’t secured to the standard that one would expect. Can you imagine a defence lawyer milking that one for all it’s worth? Barrymore should come clean and answer all the investigators questions, if he refuses, which is his right, then that would show what a true scum bag he really is.
    I also find it unbelievable that Stuart’s father has had his Twitter account suspended? Obviously for telling the truth, are they trying to keep him quiet? I for one will be deleting my twitter account in protest.
    Why would Barrymore flee the scene before the cops turned up? If that’s not a sign of somebody that couldn’t give stuff, I don’t know what is. He should have been arrested and questioned as soon as they located him.
    Like Ethel said, he shouldn’t be dancing, he should be doing porridge, and it’s a big slap in the face for Terry, Stuart’s father.
    Time to come forward Barrymore, and answer some questions, this will never go away and will haunt you until your final breath.

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