Murky McCanns Yet Again Meddle

Murky McCanns Yet Again Meddle – McCanns seek more money – Latest PR spin from anonymous “friend” of Gerry and Kate McCann is plainly simply part of yet another attempt to get more cash to top up the £12 million already wasted.

Latest PR spin from anonymous “friend” of Gerry and Kate McCann is plainly simply part of yet another attempt to get more cash to top up the £12 million already wasted

Just as ‘Operation Grange’ is no doubt about to need a further input of wonga-wonga to top up the £12 million plus pointlessly thrown at it so far, “friends” of Gerry and Kate McCann have returned to PR spinning and are now describing the investigation into Christian Brueckner to be “beyond bizarre.”


Featured in the Mirror this morning, the unnamed “friend” in question claimed the McCanns cannot understand what is going on with the German suspect and anonymously remarked:


“Any police force or prosecuting chief should not be boasting… but should be remaining silent as in the case of the Met Police.”


“They should… not be suggesting that members of the public would be reaching the same conclusion as they do about the suspect if they knew the evidence they had. It is beyond bizarre and not very helpful to the investigation.”


“If Mr Wolters [the German prosecutor] has got any significant evidence we cannot understand why the key suspect is not being questioned.”


“If the prosecutors are intent that Brueckner is a genuine person of interest to be questioned and possibly charged over Madeleine’s disappearance, why has this action not been taken.”


“If they think he is a red herring and had no involvement they should say so, instead of playing games, because the real culprit could be out there and escaping any scrutiny.”


Responding on the Facebook group ‘The Madeleine McCann Controversy,’ one of 36,500 members, Lisa Jeynes, quite rightly remarked: “Good PR from Kate and Gerry. Or are they getting cold feet?”


Plainly, as has repeatedly been suggested, Christian Brueckner is most definitely a vile man, but as of date nothing concrete has emerged linking him to the ‘disappearance’ of Madeleine McCann. Enough is enough and it is now frankly time that Scotland Yard allocated their resources to help other families in need.


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  1. The parents are baddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock them up!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not send Down Under —- especially that filthy Sheila named Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. All this on one child, how many children could they have looked for with this money??? and no one is seriously investigating the parents…seekining

  3. Tthe dogs told us who carried a corpse around in the back of their hired car. Stored a corpse in their rented flat. Took a childs toy to work while they certified deaths, and later on wore their unwashed holiday clothes . Mr “Dogs are notoriously unreliable” would probably be reluctant to ignore a bomb detection dog if such was detected in a plane he was about to depart on. Most of us know “who dun it”. Why is it hard to arrest them and stop spending more money?

  4. I REPOST FROM LAST TIME AND ADD…. SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU… Disgusting Steeple Times strikes again. We all know Christian B is behind this kidnap and we must help Gerry and Kate in their search. It is sick that you attack these lovely people just as you have done nothing to help dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their search to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. It is time you back the campaign to FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW. FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW and you must stop your poison about Gerry and Kate immediately henceforth. It is just too much and the focus on the virus and not on FINDING MADELEINE is making me very, very, very upset. Steeples Times needs to gets its priorities in order. FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW. She is alive and we must FIND HER NOW.

    • We don’t “all” know Christians B is behind this crime. In fact there are many people who don’t believe it at all. So don’t speak for all of us. It’s very obvious to lots of people who is responsible for poor Madeleine’s demise, the very people who are not being questioned and are raking in the £££ off the back of their daughter ??

    • Well there you go again, just like a broken bloody record, nothing new to add. Thank God for Cut and paste.
      You are a bloody imbecile Gillian, if you hate the Steeple times so much, please just bog off and give us all a break.

    • The Portugese police still suspects the parents,so cut this crap,CB has nothing to do with the case.Or he got in,killed Maddie,cleaned the whole place,took the body with him,than 23 days later he stole tha car fom the parents to burrie Maddie,and after that he brought the car back and opened the carboot to get rid of the smell??Come on.

    • I knew you would arrive like a bad dose of lower intestinal wind. I am surprised RHI did not arrive too. As for MM. Can you not get it into your thick skull that she is dead? The dogs told us who had her body and hid it. They thought they dealt with a third grade police force but were caught by a brilliant detective- Goncalo we salute you.

  5. Gillian. The McCann’s are Prime Suspects #1 as the final report of PJ in 2007 concluded. Or are you ignoring that? She’s not missing, missing, missing. She’s dead, dead, dead.

  6. The McCanns didn’t intentionally cause Madeleine’s death, it was an accident. Nothing happened to Madeleine in that staged Algarvian dump either. Please stop the insanity already and change your plan, dearest members of the cover-up team.

    This is 100% fact, Madeleine has been in Rothley the entire time, and every other aspect of the non disappearance in Luz is fictitious drama. As for Martin Grime and Mark Harrison? That was one of the oldest tricks in the book.

    If I say what I really know and think about those two little wolves dressed in the proverbial, you doubtlessly wouldn’t publish it.

    Why were Control Risks and Sky journos there the week prior to going completely live? Ask Brunt. And off to Africa with Tommy Malone memories. LOL!

    Secrets and lies? Grow up.

  7. I have said all along, at the very least the McCann’s should have been charged with child neglect. What responsible parents go wining and dining leaving unattended children in a foreign hotel room?? Even loopy Gillian Trott can’t argue that one.
    I do believe Madeleine is dead, and her death was an accident, and has been covered up, there are just too many unanswered questions. I think she was administered a sedative by her parents, so they could wine and dine in peace, and it went wrong.
    Here is an official quote from the PJ Police files official report June 2008.
    “In a total of ten vehicles, the cadaver odour dog and the blood odour dog only signalled the vehicle that belonged to the MCCANN family, which was rented on the 27th of May”
    Why has this never been fully explained??


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