Morons of the Moment – Keith and Catherine Larkham

Morons of the Moment – Keith and Catherine Larkham – Creosoted creatures turned “vexed visitors” Keith and Catherine Larkham complain to a local newspaper about the public being “murderers in the making” in a public park in Lytham, Lancashire.

Creosoted creatures turned “vexed visitors” Keith and Catherine Larkham complain to a local newspaper about the public being “murderers in the making” in a park in Lytham, Lancashire

Wannabe otter and heron killer John Aeberhard and masturbation megaphone moaner Danny Shine were just two of the extraordinary idiots we featured from the Facebook group ‘Angry People in Local Newspapers’ in 2020, but today we’re following up with a pair of pandemic proportions.


Included on the site yesterday, “David Dickinson coloured” Keith and “David Dickinson coloured” Catherine Larkham of Preston, Lancashire contacted the Lytham St Annes News to “express their disbelief” about the public “basically [becoming] murderers” by not wearing masks to walk round an outdoor area in Lytham St Annes – a Tier 3 town they travelled 20 miles to for a stroll in the middle of a pandemic.


In a rambling Ronseal ripped rant, Mr and Mrs Larkham – whom have previously risked infecting others by travelling during 2020 to and from Spain – bizarrely went to extraordinary lengths to tell the paper’s ‘community contributor’:


“Our stroll around Fairhaven Lake turned into an avoid everybody exercise… We could not believe what we were seeing… We just want know as we were visitors to Lytham and Fairhaven Lake at the weekend why out of literally thousands of people in and around this area, nobody and we mean nobody were [sic] wearing masks. We have endured lockdowns in Spain for weeks and months fully policed by the armed forces and successfully adhered to, but in Lytham not even a police officer anywhere to challenge all these people who are basically murderers in the making. SO PLEASE can anyone explain why??”


Unsurprisingly, the reaction by members of the Facebook group to this pair of prized pillocks was anything but supportive. Equally, given wearing masks is not compulsory outdoors, Lytham St Annes News and Keith and Catherine Larkham deserve to be equally saluted for the ultimate non-news story of 2020.


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Morons of the Moment – Keith and Catherine Larkham – The couple’s penchant for tanning beds or sitting outside for too long on the ‘Costa Del Crime’ were widely mocked by members of the ‘Angry People in Local Newspapers’ Facebook group.


  1. Now what would Greta Thunberg have to say about their airmile accumulating trips back and forth to Spain and their diesel motor polluting the air as they drove 40 miles to Lytham and back?

  2. They seem to be a very odd couple; as God made them he matched them. They won’t be on my Christmas card list. However their point is partially valid. If you’re near other people ie probably nearer than 6 feet, you should defo wear a mask or you could indeed infect people, one or two of whom might die. And enforcement doesn’t seem to be a priority with law enforcement, unless it’s for illegal drinking parties with hundreds of eedjits.
    But in a park when you’re not near others? Puh-leeze. They’re more likely to give it/get it travelling by plane.

    • The issue is they did a 40 mile round trip for the walk. They travelled on an aeroplane at least once during the pandemic. And then they moan about others being “murderers” – ridiculous pair.

  3. What a pair of self righteous twits, any moron knows to wear a mask if you can’t social distance. I wonder if they wore masks on their sojourn to Benedorm? they would be typical British tourists that give the UK a bad name. Go on holiday to a different country, find an English pub and fish n chip shop and do nothing but winge the whole time. Then they think they can come back to Blighty and preach to the masses. Get a life you pair of Twats .


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