1. If even UKIP don’t want him, that says a lot! If even Pat Mountain wasn’t a fan, who on earth could be? The Byline News article tells the truth about him best. Cowardly and cretinous.

  2. Lock him up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock him up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock him up with Trump and GhizStain MaxHell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT send Down Under!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t want his type polluting our lands or pestering our Sheilas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Banish Jay Beecher to where he belongs ——– THE CLINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Arselicking Ghislaine Maxwell is a sport that I’d never imagined anyone other than Jeffrey Epstein to have wanted to participate in. Clearly Jay Beecher is well up for a bit of the filthy bint.

  4. I am flabbergasted at the audacity of these people. Robert Maxwell stole from pensioners and his daughter plainly was a beneficiary. How did she end up with so much money? It is an outrage and someone should be asking her to produce evidence how she came to find this fortune and it if was by means legitimate. I do not believe Jay Beecher to be a suitable person to do that. I believe him to be a person like Brian Basham who has no interest in decency and poor old pensioners like me.

  5. Why is Brian Basham attacking Jes Staley over Maxwell’s banking arrangements at Barclays? You haven’t covered that matter yet.

  6. Ooooh…. Who’s the naughty boy then Jay? Kicked out of political parties and left only with Politicalite………….. Oooh, Carry On kiddie….. We all know what kind of naughtiness you’re really into….. Oooh oooooh…… Beware!!!!!!!!

  7. This man is just trying to get publicity to revive his attempts to become a politician. He has repeatedly failed and frankly isn’t fit to be even a traffic warden. Mind you, he’d relish that task as he plainly has a very twisted mindset.

  8. Beecher is a rat not a man. Picking on victims I hear. A bully. He should be given and dose of his own and well done to you and Byline for exposing him for what he is.

  9. Beecher blocks you on twitter just for liking posts to do with his impending libel case, not actually tweeting. I’ve never tweeted to or about him and am blocked.

  10. Yet, you have nothing to say about the 80 page investigative report he wrote, which actually does reveal a lot. Even you have to admit that the reporting on Virginia Roberts Guiffre is slanted in her favour, whilst omitting information that damages her credibility. Perhaps you should do a piece on her attorney too. He was also Weinstein’s attorney, who effectively enabled him to continue his sexual attacks on women. He was also involved with a group of ex-Israeli intelligence operatives, to dig up dirt on the women, to silence them. This case is simply a way for him to gain some kind of redemption for his damaged reputation. People maybe sleaze-balls, but facts are still facts.


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