Beecher ‘Barks’ (Well, Actually ‘Whimpers’) Back

Mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s wannabe mouthpiece Jay Beecher barks, well whimpers, to ‘The Steeple Times’ on behalf of the convicted criminal sex offender.

Mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s wannabe mouthpiece Jay Beecher barks, well whimpers, to ‘The Steeple Times’ on behalf of the convicted criminal sex offender

Jay Beecher has long been an attention seeking arse-licker and with his latest missive to The Steeple Times, received at 7:37am this morning, he’s yet again proved himself as nothing but a soppy sap.


First, in the mid 2010s, this noxious nitwit – whose only known limited company was curiously dissolved in March 2021 – turned his attention to UKIP. Then, when he was suspended by that ragbag of rotters for “using his time to attack people in his party rather than to build up support,” in September 2016, he hotfooted it over to the Tories – a party that clearly didn’t bother to do any due diligence.


Subsequently fined for driving whilst disqualified, driving with no insurance and having no MOT on his car whilst standing as a Conservative candidate in a by-election for Peterborough Council in June 2017, Beecher didn’t make any kind of apology. Instead, he pathetically blubbed: “This is a personal matter. It was a misunderstanding. It won’t affect me going forward.” That day, the violins most definitely played.


Continuing the theme of associating with failure and freaks, Beecher sidled further to the right next by getting himself involved with Politicalite – a much derided website that has published the works of the far-right, anti-Islam leader of For Britain and associate of convicted criminal Tommy Robinson, Anne Marie Waters.


In a somewhat sloppy and slovenly style, this vexatious and vain individual was able to share content on Politicalite that included not only praising a statement by Waters as “strong” and “nail-on-the-head” in her approach, but it is where also he started banging on about grooming and voter fraud. In calling anyone he didn’t like “absolute morons, lol [sic]” there, he also illustrated that literary genius most definitely emanates from his self-proclaimed “investigative journalist’s” somewhat addled mind.


Apparently, things haven’t worked out well for Politicalite – whose homepage has now been reduced to putting out clearly paid for ‘features’ on behalf of Heart Bingo and claims about being “silenced” rather than sharing anything political – and so, in recent months, Beecher moved his energies towards trying to become a mini-me of PR peddler Brian Basham and established another website. He hasn’t achieved anything close to one per cent of the man known only for his involvement in ‘Dirty Tricks’ thus far in column inches as part of this bonkers endeavour.


On the especially amateurishly presented The Maxwell Files, Beecher has offered up total claptrap about the case of the incarcerated sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell and sought to share information damaging about victims this clearly evil woman has now been convincingly convicted of abusing. He does so without merit and, as ever is the case with this wretched piece of toerag, yet again shows himself as desperate to elevate himself to a position in the public eye. Now, today, though he’s blocked us on Twitter in true Cowardy Custard fashion, he this morning sent through a missive. In it, this clear wack job whinged:


“A false statement to claim people ‘haven’t heard a word from me’ since the verdict – I’ve been speaking about it, tweeting about it, and writing about it every day, and have been mentioned in the Daily Mirror and others. As too have the others you mention. But one can’t expect anything less than demonstrable lies to be printed on blog site The Steeple Times.”


Continuing, lonesome lunatic Beecher finished:


“This website is hilarious – a blog written by a creepy bloke whom no-one has heard of, who works with conspiracy numpty Shaun Attwood (recently exposed as having promoted lies about the Epstein case), and whose vocabulary is so limited he regurgitates lines such as ‘mucky madam’ a million times; each time no doubt chortling to himself alone in his grimy flat as he punches each letter into his sticky keyboard.”


“The fact that this website’s disclaimer clearly states that it prints ‘fake news,’ just adds to the hilarity, and the irrelevance of its non-entity owner.”


Whilst clearly penned by a pugnacious person whose brain has obviously been tossed around in a wok ten times too many, it might do Jay Beecher well to focus on another matter outstanding – that of the libel case brought against him by the esteemed writer of Waking the Dead and co-founder of Byline Times Peter Jukes.


A crowdfunder supporting Mr Jukes – a decent and principled gent disgracefully defamed in Politicalite and elsewhere online in June 2021 – has already raised nearly £57,000 in pledges. Today, again, we remind readers of The Steeple Times to support this effort to root out the cancerous poison spread by the likes of Jay Beecher and today we call out him and others supporting the deviant daughter of the pension pot plundering murderer Robert Maxwell.


Pictured top – In November 2020, Jay Beecher shared a photo of himself “minglin’” with the “ultimate neighbour from hell” Priti Patel on Twitter. One of his ‘fans’ responded: “Gorgeous couple.” It’s no wonder they get on given the “neighbour from hell” Home Secretary likes “snitchin’ and bullyin’” just like him.


In September 2016, Jay Beecher – a prattling pillock who blocks anyone who dares call him out on Twitter – issued what he called a “long statement” – take that to mean a pyramid of piffle and a deluge of drivel – about his “great party” UKIP had become a “mates club” controlled by the likes of Arron Banks (“who use our party as his plaything”). He claimed “poisonous elements” were trying to destroy the ragbag “from within” and subsequently a spokesman for the party stated: “Mr Beecher has been suspended after repeatedly making deliberate and demonstratively false allegations against other members of the party, and doing so to various media outlets.” Now, after trying all manner of other avenues as part of his fame seeking, he’s latched himself onto the croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s now also convicted sex offender, Ghislaine Maxwell. Talk about desperate; talk about pathetic and you’ll most certainly have to talk about Jay Beecher.
‘Politicalite’ – a warped organ for which Jay Beecher penned a series of drivel between 2018 and 2021 – announced on the 16th December that it was “taking an extended break due to personal family reasons and will be back in the New Year.” On the 30th December, after sharing a clearly paid for “don’t miss” puff piece about Heart Bingo and how bingo is “trendy” and “getting bigger” on Boxing Day – without labelling it as such – the online rag’s founder Jordan James announced: “Politicalite is back in January 2022 and promises in-depth investigations, big exclusives, entertainment exclusives and big stories that matter from across the UK, including a very ‘BIG’ surprise.”
Author, screenwriter, playwright and journalist Peter Jukes has attracted huge support for a crowdfunder to support his libel action against others Jay Beecher. We urge readers to join those who’ve back it already.

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  • Not So Priti can keep him!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT send him or 'er Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We do NOT want this kind of filth polluting our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beecher has shifty eyes and I would not trust him near the tin can shakers either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Castlemaine for him ---- he'd bore the bloopers off a kangaroo even!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clearly in need of being sent off for hard labour. He'd look at home working on the tarmac on the motorways. Perhaps a motorway bridge might also kindly pay him a visit. There is no room for bigotry like that published on Politicalite in our society. Shame on Jay Beecher, shame on Jay Beecher.

  • Jay Beecher is a disgrace. We knew that already. Sucking up to the Maxwells from his Brookside Close lookalike home in Peterborough whilst being rude about people who live in beautiful residences just smacks of jealousy. What a loser! I agree with Penny - shame on him.

  • You could beach a whale on his bonce! And he seems a bit overly obsessive about ponces and paedos from what I gather... Hmm.

  • Why doesn't Jay Beecher go and work for Miss Piglet Tamara Ecclestone? He looks like titty feeder's ideal sort of PR man to replace Mr Scott Harvey Nichols or whatever he was called. She'd only end up having a feud with him also so maybe not such a great idea for him. Bernie Coffin Codger and him could talk Putin and Hitler though and share opinions.

  • P.S. Beecher; Bernie's in Ghislaine's address book so easy to get hold of him on his London line. He's mates with your mate Prince Andrew too. Don't mention Slavicia his ex-wife or tax or investigations in Germany or trials in Leeds though as he may keel. He's only little.

  • I used to work for UKIP as I wanted independence for our great country and then I met Jay Beecher at a meeting and he scared me right off. He put me off. So I resigned. Long ago now but when I saw this it triggered a bad memory. Keep well away from this person. He is terrifying in his weirdness and very odd. Something of a simpleton I can tell you all but with an angry streak when he gets over enthused.

  • He blocks everyone on Twitter ----- not just you. He cannot actually fathom the concept of a debate. Didn't last long in the Conservative Party. Everyone there saw through him in milliseconds.

  • If Beecher believes Maxwell's conviction is a miscarriage of justice, why's he busy pestering you and and why's he not pestering Judge Nathan? He is a nobody. He has no connections and he is a fantasist. He should seek help through medical means and I'd suggest he go to The Priory though he'd never be able to afford it given his Companies House address looks like some dump off Brookside Close as Norma rightly found. Waded through a Youtube video with him and Rod Liddle and that made me phenomenally dislike him even more and more.

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