“I have a plan, sir”

“I have a plan, sir” – Tony Robinson quitting Labour shows its new low – That Tony Robinson has quit Labour and branded its leadership “sh*t’ is proof that that party has sunk to a new low.

That Tony Robinson has quit Labour and branded its leadership “sh*t’ is proof that that party has sunk to a new low

“Baldrick, your head is as empty as a eunuch’s underpants” said Blackadder and now, with news that Tony Robinson has quit Labour and cited Jeremy Corbyn as a “complete sh*t,” comes confirmation of how low that party has truly sunk.


Yesterday, Robinson, a vocal opponent of Brexit, announced: “I’ve left the Labour Party after nearly 45 years of service at branch, constituency and NEC levels, partly because of its antisemitism but also because its leadership is complete sh*t.”


Tony Robinson’s tweet
Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to win seats at a time when the Tories are in disarray is proof that he is an utterly incompetent leader
Elsewhere on Friday, Theresa May was deservedly heckled by a former Conservative councillor named Stuart Davies; “a plague on both their houses” was the rightful analysis of the results for both Conservative and Labour also (from Ruth Davidson MSP)

The former Time Team presenter is right. Whilst the calamity that is ‘Mrs Deal Means A Deal Means A Deal’ Theresa May lost 1,269 councillors in an electoral calamity equivalent to the sinking of the Titanic on Thursday, the worst leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition in decades and a man who slept with Diane Abbott lost 63 also. The prat Jeremy Corbyn has let us all down and he, like the Tory harridan, deserves to be removed from the office. Our country deserves better.


#MakeMayTheEndOfMay #MakeMayTheEndOfCorbyn


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  1. Mrs May has yet again proven she cannot listen. The heckler was quite right and as for Corbyn, he cannot get it either.

  2. Well said Tony, another celeb who’s seen the light. The Labour Party run by imbeciles! As I’ve mentioned before this Tit Corbyn, if ever he had any control what so ever over governing this country! You can say goodbye to prosperity and all the things that made the UK great. The man shouldn’t even be in any position to proceed for any type of power in this country. Trator, dissolutionist. and the biggest asshole to ever walk into politics. Not forgetting that money grabbing obscene Blair and his entourage.


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