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Hoping v Helping

Hoping v Helping 2021 – Sue Homan slams Michael Barrymore – Sue Homan “slams” deviant disgrace Michael Barrymore for not helping secure justice for her murdered ex-husband Stuart Lubbock.

Sue Homan quite deservedly “slams” decidely deviant disgrace Michael Barrymore for not helping secure justice for her murdered ex-husband Stuart Lubbock

Whilst late last month we reported that Michael Barrymore had been dragged in for further questioning about the 2001 rape and murder of Stuart Lubbock at his Roydon, Essex bungalow, his former agent, Mike Browne, heartlessly batted off questions by cretinously commenting: “The police seem convinced with the evidence they have found but I’ve no idea what it is. They seem sure but I can’t see how it can end in charges after so long.”


Responding to the wicked wall-of-silence from Barrymore and the other 7 still-living guests supposedly present that night – one of whom is presumably the 50-year-old recently arrested in connection with the appallingly sick slaying – yesterday, Stuart Lubbock’s ex-wife, Sue Homan, told The Sun:


“It would have really helped our campaign to have someone with [Michael Barrymore’s] fame supporting us.”


“Barrymore could have reached out to Stuart’s grieving family more to help them get justice.”


Previously, on the 5th May, Homan shared another article from The Sun and tweeted:


“So, after reading this. I’m assuming @mrbarrymore will be getting in touch soon, so we can both work on getting #Justice4Stuart Yes? No? Thoughts below pls. Michael Barrymore hopes for justice over death of Stuart Lubbock in his swimming pool 20 years ago.”


Responding to the tweet, another campaigner for #Justice4Stuart, ‘Agent 007’ answered:


“He’s only ‘hoping’ I’m afraid Sue, I don’t think he’ll go as far as ‘helping.’ He’s spent 20 years trying to make this disappear… I dread to think who’s advising him… Oh, it’s his pound shop solicitor.”


Now, today, we join all calling on Michael Barrymore and the others present that fateful night to finally do the decent thing and join those helping work towards a second inquest. It is time these miraculously quiet individuals finally assisted Essex Police and it is time each and every one of them responds to the police plea advertised as follows:


“Nine people went to the party at Michael Barrymore’s house, but only one of them – Stuart – ended up being violently sexually assaulted and murdered. We know not everyone at the party was responsible for what happened, but someone was. We also know that not everyone at that party may know what happened, but someone does… 19 years – still no justice: Help us get answers for Stuart. Someone knows.”


Pictured top: Michael Barrymore (left) in a decidedly dodgy shirt and Stuart Lubbock and Sue Homan in happier times on their wedding day in July 1993.


Of their marriage, in 2001, Miss Homan told the ‘Daily Mail’ – “He always wanted to settle down and have children. Stuart was devastated when we broke up. We had grown apart and I had grown up. I realised that I was too young to settle down.”


“Stuart was a lovely, lovely man who would do anything for anyone. He worked hard and adored his children. I just cannot believe that he is dead, no one can.”


Hoping v Helping 2021 – A decidedly drunk Michael Barrymore pictured (left) with a decidedly drunk and since convicted racist bigot Marie-Claire, Baroness von Alvensleben and with another of his equally vile friends, the thankfully now croaked paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile (right).
Hoping v Helping 2021 – The scene of the rape and murder of Stuart Lubbock on 31st March 2001: Michael Barrymore’s then home, 4 Beaumont Park Drive, Roydon, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5HB.
Hoping v Helping 2021 – A now 50-year-old Jonathan Kenney. This one-time estate agent turned estate agent was a lover of Michael Barrymore at the time of the murder of Stuart Lubbock and claimed to be the first to have discovered the body. In March this year, ‘The Sun’ reported: “[Kenney now] works as a coach driver and is in a long-term relationship with someone else,” though other reports elsewhere cited him as being a driving instructor.
Hoping v Helping 2021 – As he faces certain death soon from terminal cancer, Stuart Lubbock’s crusading father Terry Lubbock deserves an answer to the question he has never stopped asking. That question: “Who killed Stuart Lubbock?”
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