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Jim Hood uses parliamentary privilege to name Lord Brittan as someone accused of “improper conduct with children”


Yesterday, a Labour MP named Jim Hood used parliamentary privilege to state that Lord Brittan had been accused “of improper conduct with children”. He has widely been attacked but we will leap to his defence.


Lord Brittan
Lord Brittan

The Steeple Times has also been at the forefront of reporting on what went on at Elm Guest House and once again we will state that Lord Brittan’s name has widely been circulated on the Internet in regard to what went on there.


Lord Brittan may be entirely innocent but he would do well to demand this matter be properly examined. It is the only way that the truth of what went on in this hellhole of depravity be exposed.



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25 comments on “Hoodwinked”

  1. The good Lord stands accused of a major cover-up, not improper conduct with children, but if the shoe fits by all means wear it. Praise the Lord, Mr Hood………… Heaven can wait……….

  2. Old habits die hard. It seems that a huge amount of people thought this would go away by ignoring it and to date they seem to have been right. Tweets go up every day in regard to the horrific scenario in Rotherham but still no arrests and no prosecutions. The only way to get something done is to keep putting the message out there as you are doing.

  3. Matthew, the question hangs there….”why won’t he clear the air”? These are not new stories: they have been circulating for many,many years.

    1. The “spin” stops here at the Steeple TImes. I am thrilled that Michael Peel acknowledge and appreciates the fair and balanced articles in Steeple Times. Keep on reading, Michael, old boy……..

    2. Well said Michael. Why was this poison shared by The Steeple Times? Instead of allowing the Gerry and Kate and Leon Brittan haters airspace, they should be supporting these good people. I am disgusted.

  4. I think you are wrong to join the bandwagon attacking Lord Brittan. He is a good and decent man who has served Britain with aplomb for so many decades. The little people should leave him alone.

  5. Interesting article in DM by a Guy Adams. Apparently MI5 started the smear campaign against Brittan due to his planned ‘shakeup of MI5 after the death of Yvonne Fletcher and their failures’ and because Brittan is Jewish. I would have thought if MI5 had a ‘problem’ with Brittan some rogue agents would have made him ‘disappear’ or he would have been involved in an unfortunate accident like many before him. Bit like the MI5 agent Gareth Williams who was found dead in a bag in his top floor flat, coincidentally he lived in the same street Alderney Square as Leon Brittan and Fiona Woolf. Lets hope he didn’t see or know too much which resulted in his unfortunate demise. Alderney Square is also a stones throw from Dolphin Square which is also short walk from the Houses of Commons. All I know is these rumours have been circulating since late 80’s and early 90’s so 30 odd years ago, but none of the ‘accused’ MP’s obviously knowing all rumours were false ever took legal action to stop these scurrilous lies. Clearly they thought and hoped they would all go away as who would believe troubled kids in care after all isn’t that what they do lie. Also most of these kids in care would eventually die conveniently either by a drug overdose or misadventure. All we can hope now is that time has moved on and unlike previously where we only had newspapers and the news on three channels, today regardless of all the problems with social media, there is Twitter, bloggers, and these claims can get to the eyes of more people and the more that hear, the more people can see there is one hell of a stink. There is also alot of closets bursting open with skeletons that have been for years forced to stay shut. Lets just hope the truth comes out about everyone involved before they are all dead and maybe the victims can eventually get some justice.

  6. What a load of nonsense and more fool for you believing it. And to try to link it to anti semitism is puerile.
    And sort out your geography….Alderney Square does not exist….except in your fevered and rather mad imagination. You need to see a shrink…..

    1. Maybe you should learn to read before posting comment. I did not link anything to anti-semirism, that was an article as stated in the Daily Mail by Guy Adams. Mr Adams pathetically attempts to explain the cause of these rumours and we the public are expected to accept the rumours were started because Brittan was Jewish and certain people did not like us having a Jewish Home Secretary and because MI5 had their feathers ruffled and wanted to ‘ruin’ Brittan after he planned a shakeup of MI5 after the Yvonne Fletcher debacle. I am sure if MI5 had wanted to ‘ruin’ Brittan no doubt they have other ways and means than to let the rumour mill trundle along for thirty years with claims of improper conduct with children. Furthermore what I do know for sure is if I was being accused of what these men of the establishment are accused of I would have most definitely taken legal action as I for certain would have known it not to be true.

      All rather odd that men with so much to lose and with such high profiles being accused never did the same and just waited for the accusations to die down. Today almost thirty years later they now overflow into mainstream media and the mass public finally get to hear the same rumours involving the same men from almost three decades ago. You are correct though Alderney Squre doesn’t exist, it was actually Alderney Street which if my geography serves me right is in Pimilico. Clearly London isn’t as big as people think it is when you consider a MI5 agent was found dead in a bag, in his bath in his flat which coincidentally was on the same street as Mr Brittan and the Lady Mayoress of London Mrs Fiona Woolf.

      Also I can assure you I don’t need a shrink I just need the establishment and mainstream media to open the closet doors, let all the skeletons lay where they fall and investigate. Quite simple I would have thought, if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about and if I was Mr Brittan I would be relived that finally the truth will come out and once and for all expose these scurrilous abuse rumours to be just that. Although maybe I would be relieved as I would know without a shadow of a doubt they were untrue, completely fabricated as I would have never been near any child inappropriately and have never know anyone who would have as that would make me as bad as them and an associate of perverts. So maybe some members of the establishment cannot recall past ‘indiscretions’ or maybe their lack of memory is due to their age or they just chose to forget their past predilections but whatever the reason for this 30 year whitewash lets hope we all find out sooner or later before they are all dead which seems to be the going trend.

      1. Debasement complicated by malignant narcissism and total indifference to the people they are suppose to have served. Anti-semitism has nothing to do with it, neither has the holocaust. It was a abuse of power and abuse of a position of privilege.

      2. Guy Adams is another Daily Mail contributer that writes directly from the asshole, he is delusional and probably hearing voices in his head. I urge you not to take any notice of him, he is better off being ignored.

    2. Peter Wayde trust me, Liesel does not have to consult a shrink, she is sane, lucid and orientated to time, place and person. Even angels eat beans is the weird rationale of a Crown Court Judge ruling in a child hard porn case. The Charles Hawtrey type Judge John Holt ruled that a man who nearly downloaded 2000 child porn images, whose vile collection included children as young as 2 years old.. The Judge concluded that he was satisfied that the accused man was not a paedophile and gave him a slap on the wrist. If it is Tuesday this must be Brussels. It is a total disregard for public safety. It is a fucking travesty.

  7. Matthew that uploaded incorrectly. Here is my complete post:

    Liesel Howard’s Halloween posts, full of skeletons rattling about, were verbose, clichéd and repetitive. They were also full of inaccuracies. I don’t why I bother, but let me put her straight on a couple of them.

    “I would have thought if MI5 had a ‘problem’ with Brittan some rogue agents would have made him ‘disappear’”
    What utter tripe. The Security Service MI5 does not murder people.

    “or he would have been involved in an unfortunate accident like many before him.”
    Further tosh that is defamatory and unsubstantiated.

    “like the MI5 agent Gareth Williams who was found dead”.
    Wrong again Miss Howard. Gareth Williams did not work for MI5, nor was he an agent. He was an Intelligence Officer who worked for GCHQ and, at the time of his death, was on attachment to the Secret Intelligence Service MI6. These facts were in the public domain.

    Maybe Miss Howard should heed the advice she gave Peter Wayde: “you should learn to read before posting”. Maybe then she wouldn’t make such silly remarks. What a dunce!

  8. Glenmore with all respect, Liesel’s comments are based on a Daily Mail source written by Guy Adams. Glemore, are you trying your hand at spin too?

  9. Glemore, then don’t deliberately shoot the messenger……….you seem to be very familiar with the establishment, be careful you could catch rhinotitis.

  10. Chaim, as a self-professed comedian, you are successful because your posts, sometimes, do amuse me. I am less pleased that twice now, in commenting on this item, you have misspelled my name. You foxed me with ‘rhinotitis’. I’m unfamiliar with the word. If you meant ‘Rhinitis’, commonly known as a runny nose, then I fail to see the relevance. Also I think you should consider my early remark in the context of ‘irony’. Glenmore.

  11. Glenmore, you are spinning you clever old fox, what I meant is that you are so deep up the assholes of the establishment that you are at risk of your nose becoming septic from infection, a runny nose is a nuisance but not dangerous. So I was forced to make up a word that does not exist, see, I am not as intelligent and sharp as you British M15 super agents, but have to get by somehow, I gained my humble qualifications from a cheap correspondence college, so give me a break on the spelling and vocabulary. I am not perfect, so get over it.

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