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Hideous ‘Headmaster Harvey’

As “kinky ex MP” and lover of canes Harvey Proctor storms out of a BBC interview, he again shows himself as nothing but an arrogant, self-entitled prick

Harvey Proctor is a bit like the cat that ate the canary. This self-satisfied wazzock may have been vindicated over the false allegations made by Carl Beech, but in behaving as he did during a BBC interview this morning he yet again illustrated himself as nothing but a pompous prick.


Subsequently derided on Twitter as a “typical bully boy” and “complete tosser,” this “dreadful” specimen, it must be remembered, was convicted of gross indecency with teenage boys in 1986. Known back then as a “kinky MP” this one-time associate of the paedophile procurer for Jeffrey Epstein and all-round wrong ‘un Ghislaine Maxwell, Proctor announced: “I’m not having this” before having a hissy fit with BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty. He then stormed out in a fashion akin to that of a school boy whose testosterone had overheated.


Praised elsewhere by the equally unctuous ex-MP David ‘Footie Kit’ Mellor, ‘Headmaster Harvey’s’ attempt to make himself the victim now will not sit well with the young men he “caned for being naughty” back in the 1980s and his behaviour will not sit well with other genuine victims of false accusations either. It is time that this obnoxious twerp faded away into the background and it is time that he disappeared for once and for good. We salute Naga Munchetty for standing up to this cretinous creep.


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  • We don't want this berk Down Under!!!!!!!!!! And don't give him a whip or chain ---- the results would scare little boys!!!!!!!!! And pensioners even!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revolting turd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cry baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He should be put in the stocks. He might be innocent this time but he wasn’t last time. 50% innocent is still 50% guilty. The rat cannot hide under his stone forever. I want justice for the Elm Guest House victims also.

  • We had a similar creep like this back in my grammar school days. My only regret was, I didn't drop kick him in the nuts and get expelled. Scum like him carry on until they are cornered and have no other excuses to save themselves, they are sick and should be castrated.

  • Great article peppered with the usual dose of absolute candour and my opinion the word wazzock remains one of the most underutilised in the English language.

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