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Hero of the Hour – Chuka Umunna

Chuka Umunna MP speaks sense on Britain’s membership of the Single Market


This morning, Chuka Umunna spoke for many when he was interviewed on Radio 4’s Today programme.


The Labour MP commented:


We’re saying from the point of view of London where you’ve got over 600,000 jobs that are linked to our membership of the Single Market, whether you voted to Remain or Leave, you didn’t vote to be poorer.


Our membership of the Single Market was not on the ballot as it were, during that EU Referendum campaign. We’re saying that yes you can be outside of the European Union and be in the Customs Union, like Turkey for example and you be outside the European Union and in the Single Market like Norway.


You can actually reform the ways freedom of movement works within that context. For example, at the moment there’s one thing that we don’t do that could do now under free movement rules – which have never, by the way, been unconditional. So, for example, if somebody comes here, and they’ve been here for three months, they haven’t got work, and there’s no prospects of that, they can be asked to leave. We don’t do that at the moment.


And there are counties in the Single Market like, for example, Lichtenstein who have actually been able to apply quotas to the number of EU citizens coming. So, I don’t accept this kind of binary explanation of how things work.


We can actually stay in the Single Market, have the benefits it brings but also reform the way our immigration arrangements work.


Yesterday, Umunna was joined by sixteen general election candidates to launch a pamphlet called Stop Hard Brexit: Why London needs the Single Market. He should be saluted for this bold move and for his wise words today also.


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  • Interfering prat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Teresa May is MAKING BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare this bastard interfere!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock him up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock him up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This sounds like a sensible solution. I stupidly voted for Brexit but will be voting Lib Dem on the 8th June to make up for my stupid mistake. I like tthe Labour idea but I could never vote for them.

    • Ethel Jones, I agree with you. You are, as you repeatedly tell us: STUPID!

      But worse, you are boring!

      Put a sock in it. Your cringeworthy wingeing about being an OAP doesn't belong here.

      Go and write to the letters page of SAGA Magazine.

      They would also find you boring, but at least your comments might not seem so out of touch with today's reality, there.

  • Stop Remoaning. It is so boring and it's no wonder Viscount St Davids and others hate you.

  • As we discussed recently Matthew, a great pick to lead the Labour party, 'The British Obama'. Presumably he will come to the fore as part of the reconstruction of the party after the oncoming avalanche of Tory votes on the 8th June.

    Nice to see the usual insightful input from Rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this morning, what would we do without his 'waggish' humour?

  • I cannot believe it. I have never agreed with a Labour politician in my entire life but today for the first time ever I find myself in total agreement with him. #makejuneendofmay

  • He is quite right. May will destroy this country. I can't see her making friends with Europe or paying the 100 billion Euros we are obligated to fork out under former and existing agreements . As for Rod's comment, Umunna has more right to have a point of view than he does and questioning his parentage is not the right way to behave. What else would you expect from a foul mouthed, stupid Australian?

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