Grotesque Ghislaine Grubbily Groans

Grotesque Ghislaine Grubbily Groans – Ghislaine Maxwell in clink – As grotesque Ghislaine Maxwell is deservedly denied bail, PR peddler Brian Basham bizarrely drones on about China and “show trials” whilst author Don Winslow references the pressure now placed on Donald Trump.

As grotesque Ghislaine Maxwell is deservedly denied bail, PR peddler Brian Basham bizarrely drones on about China and “show trials” whilst author Don Winslow references the pressure now placed on Donald Trump

Unsurprisingly denied bail in spite of offering up £21.1 million ($28.5 million, €23.2 million or درهم104.7 million) due to prosecutors highlighting her deviousness over her is-it-still-on-is-it-off marriage to Scott Borgerson and definite flight risk status, Ghislaine Maxwell’s groaning about her “oppressive” jail conditions deservedly also fell on deaf ears.


Illustrating ‘Bouncing Bob’s’ deviant daughter was actually subject to “conditions [that] set her apart from general population inmates, not to mention other inmates in protective custody,” the New York Times reported that federal prosecutors “contended Ms. Maxwell didn’t have it so bad.”


Rather than being left to face rats, as the grotesque grubber has groaned, they added: “She is released from her cell for 13 hours a day. She has her own shower, her own phone and exclusive use of two computers – even her own TV.”


In response, as per usual, the somewhat sympathetic – an operation controlled by one-time Maxwell associate Geordie Greig – gave the mucky madam’s PR peddler and coordinator of ‘Operation Get Ghislaine Out’ Brian Basham space to drone on about the “injustice” of the decision. Predictably, he went into a diatribe on her behalf and ranted:


“It’s grotesque and against the laws of natural justice. It’s just wrong to deny somebody the chance to properly prepare for their defense.”


“She’s going to be locked up in prison for months now. The judge has given in to the lynch mob, that’s what this is.”


“Ghislaine will be devastated. Her birthday was on Christmas Day and she was hoping to be out by then to be with her family.”


“This seems like a show trial, it’s ridiculous. I hesitate to draw comparisons with China but that’s how it feels.”


Elsewhere on Twitter last night, award-winning crime and mystery novelist Don Winslow told his 557,500 followers:


“A judge rejected Ghislaine Maxwell’s $28.5 million bail package today.”


“This puts A LOT of pressure on Donald Trump as January 20th approaches.”


“Maxwell has receipts. Lots and lots of receipts.”


“Watch this case closely.”


Pictured top: Ghislaine Maxwell with her late mother, Betty, and a photograph of her decidedly deviant dead daddy, Robert.


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‘Friend of Geordie’ (FOG) Ghislaine – ‘Daily Mail’ editor Geordie Greig with grotesque grubber Ghislaine Maxwell. The pair have been photographed together up-close-and-personal on a number of occasions, so any denial of a past friendship by Greig would be spurious.
Grotesque Ghislaine Grubbily Groans – Novelist and screenwriter Don Winslow – creator of the series featuring fictional private detective Neal Carey – shared his take on Ghislaine Maxwell being denied bail on Twitter late Monday. He quite rightly remarked on the dilemma this places Donald Trump in given him and his potentially trafficked wife’s connections to both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell also.


  1. The mystery around the Maxwell lost millions have never been resolved. Yes, Maxwell died but not through suicide. Trying to blackmail the State of Israel is never a smart move. In reality, Bob tried to extract money from Israel and it was decided to put two girl stewards on board who were both pretty and deadly. They pushed the old bugger over the side and the State hypocritically buried him on the Mount of Olives to show no hard feelings.
    Maxwell was one of the most intelligent psychopaths I have ever met

  2. Well for a start, I would like to know why this evil bitch gets special conditions over other inmates? Her own shower, allowed out of her cell for 13 hours a day, and unbelievable, a cell phone and two computers, WTF is going on, this surely can’t be true. This would give her the opportunity to influence witnesses etc. There really is one law for these people, and another for the rest of us.


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