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Nikolay Kalinin slams the disregard of the British government for the poor people of Cornwall as the G7 approaches.

Nikolay Kalinin slams the disregard of the British government for the poor people of Cornwall as the G7 approaches

As the G7 summit approaches, hotels in Cornwall are cruelly evicting vulnerable homeless people in order to make room for members of the police and government officials attending the summit.


According to a report by the Cornwall council, around 130 homeless people were forced to leave hotels in order to make room for 5,000 policemen in recent days. Some of them were moved to other temporary accommodation, only to be evicted once again.


One of the people evicted, who has schizophrenia, was forced to stay at a surf hostel. Her mother, Claire, who did not want her full name used, described the horrific conditions there: “The hostel is full of drunk surf dudes and holidaymakers. She is terrified – she thinks people are coming to get her. They have not even put in her a safe place. She has been treated abysmally.”


Going further, the distraught mother quite justifiably added: “What gives them the right to force vulnerable adults out of their accommodation?”


Local charity DISC Newquay has also reported that homeless people have been evicted from the luxury Carbis Bay Hotel, which sparked fury back in March for pulling down ancient woodland in order to make wave for redevelopment, despite being supposedly “eco-friendly” accommodation.


What these incidents show is a complete disregard for human wellbeing; what was the reasoning behind throwing homeless people out of hotels where it is safer for them to stay? There are around 1,343 hotels in Cornwall, meaning that there HAS to be enough room for members of police and government.


This is not the only problem currently plaguing the summit, as over the last couple of days, environmental activists have organised a series of protests in Cornwall, with one featuring protesters in Boris Johnson masks pushing a burning boat into the water with “YOUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE” written on it in order to convince the delegates to tackle ocean pollution.


In addition, 80 activists have set off on a 6-day walk from Plymouth Hoe to Carbis Bay in an attempt to convince the delegates to prioritise climate change agenda during the summit, with some of them from the Extinction Rebellion.


I also see very little point in the existence of the Group of Seven, because they seem to meet every year or so and yet achieve very little in terms of global policy. It’s been eons since they pledged to tackle climate change, and yet corporations are still pumping oil and contributing the global warming. The EU has done more to tackle climate change, and its existence in my opinion is more beneficial than the existence of the sockless G7.


Pictured above: The Carbis Bay Hotel – a supposedly ‘eco-friendly’ venue that will host the Group of Seven meeting that has also taken to disgracefully chopping down trees to make way for a parade of pointless politicians.


The Carbis Bay Hotel has quite rightly been targeted by protestors determined to show it as anything but ‘eco friendly’ and anything but supportive of its very own locals. That this business, to suit the short-term visit of a bunch of egomaniac politicians, has shut out locals and destroyed trees for a set of rooms that haven’t even got proper planning permission is utterly disgraceful. The Carbis Bay Hotel deserves nothing but the grief that it is quite deservedly getting.
‘The Convenient Catholic Couple’ Mr and Mrs Boris Johnson will use the G7 summit as the first opportunity of their union to laud it over the world. This shameless puppet mistress and her sidekick will most likely find a way to embarrass Britain only further.

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  • I hope Carrie goes for a swim there and never comes back. She'd do us all a favour and Boris could then marry another of his wastrel women.

  • Local charity DISC Newquay has also reported that homeless people have been evicted from the luxury Carbis Bay Hotel.
    With rooms at the 5 star Carbis Bay Hotel starting at £280 per night, why are tax payers providing this level of accommodation for the homeless when there are, as the article states, around 1,343 hotels in Cornwall, or is the article not telling us everything?

  • What can anyone reasonably expect from a government that has subjected the entire country to misery for the past fifteen months? Displacing a relative handful of people and cutting down a few trees from a pointless vanity jolly is to be expected and now far from remarkable.

    Remember that this is what the country wants, as long as they can go abroad again.

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