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Furnishing Downton

“World famous actor” with a superinjunction set to be named in America


Twitter’s all a storm about another so-called British “celebrity” who “hired Wayne Rooney’s former hooker Helen Wood”.


According to the Daily Record today, the “world famous British actor” is “set to be unmasked in the US” in spite of a gagging order being imposed on the revelations in April 2011 and later extended in July 2011. The “family man” is said to have slept with Ms Wood, a 27-year old escort from Bolton, on at least one occasion.


Elsewhere, The Telegraph’s front page took an entirely different focus and this morning championed Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville as a “champion of free speech”.


The Telegraph described Hugh Bonneville as a “champion of free speech” on its cover on Thursday 5th May 2016
Allegations about famous men sleeping with prostitute Helen Wood have done the rounds online for a number of years


Somebody, somewhere once said: “It’ll all come out in the wash”; today, instead, it simply happens quicker on Twitter.



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    • A bit of rumpy pumpy off the books by a naughty actor!!!!!!!!!!! It's hardly news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well, I'm off straight down stairs and dobbing him into Mr Carson, that should finish the old buggar off.

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