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For how much longer will Jim be mixing it?

A concrete firm whose boss is fixated on a rather tarnished name


I recall seeing a cement truck belonging to a company named Jim’ll Mix It parked in First Street, Chelsea several years ago. As I walked past, I said to my friend: “Plainly that’s owned by a wit.” The joke, given recent revelations about a certain Jimmy Savile, is sadly no longer funny.


A Jim’ll Mix It cement truck

Jimmy Taylor founded Jim’ll Mix It in 1983 and employs some 50 people at his sites at Bow, Upminster and Croydon. Asked whether he’d be keeping the company’s name, his response was in the affirmative:


“What is Jimmy Savile to do with me? I am who I am. I’m in concrete, my name’s Jim. I’ve no intention of changing the name.”


The Jim’ll Fix It star himself has only one known connection with concrete and that came quite recently. After he died in 2011, Jimmy Savile’s grave, which is bizarrely angled so he could look out to sea, was concrete encased.


Jimmy Savile’s headstone in Scarborough has now been ground to dust. It was captioned at the base: “It was good while it lasted.”

Though Savile’s headstone has already been removed, there could be an opportunity for Mr Taylor’s firm in Scarborough. Given the demands that the alleged paedophile’s body be relocated to another location, there could indeed be a need for a new concrete pit for Savile elsewhere.


Carved into the now destroyed headstone for Savile were the words: “It was good while it lasted.” If Mr Taylor is sensible, he’ll take the same view and change the name of his company.


Jim’ll Mix It, Unit 1, Lusty Industrial Estate, Empson Street, Bow, London E3 3LT. Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7538 2266. Website:

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  • Ridiculous article. I assume it's in jest and Mrs Bone's comment is also ironic.
    A man should change the near 30-year old brand name of his company - his livelihood - for reasons completely outside of his control and, as he says quite correctly, nothing to do with him? Do you have any idea what sort of problems trying to rebrand a business of his size would cause? Do you know what sort of pressure businesses, especially small businesses, in his industry and in most across the UK, are under? Jimmy Taylor isn't going to have any budget to market to all his customers that he's had a brand change, and to be frank, if I was one of his customers I would be disappointed that he changed it at all.
    Maybe we should track down anyone else going around with the name James Savile and ask why they haven't taken the "sensible" decision to change their name by deed poll yet. The insensitive bastards.

    • Now then, now then, now then.
      The man has a large business that plainly made the most of playing on the Savile name for nearly 30 years.
      If Savile's show had been called anything other than "Jim'll Fix It," Mr Taylor wouldn't have gained business as "Jim'll Mix It."
      Do keep up and do keep your hair on.

      • I agree, obviously, that the company's name has played on and made use of the Jim'll Fix It programme name to drum up reputation - and he wouldn't be called that without the programme preceding it.
        But what's that got to do with...anything? People plagiarise and hang off the coattails of others' success in all walks of life. On what grounds should he feel compelled to change it?
        I bet he's increased his publicity since the Jimmy Savile scandal broke. And since I've been following this story, this is the first article I've come across that judges the business owner for NOT changing it. I haven't seen any other calls for it to be changed.

  • Does one now assume that Jimmy So-vile will go down in history as one of the most castigated men after death? Our great nation has acted as policeman, judge, jury and executioner all in one knee-jerking swoop. As long as we all feel comfortable with this, and that the 'proof' being gathered from all corners of society will suffice, then we are exonerated and will feel no remorse even that perhaps some people might have jumped on the bandwagon or should that be into the 'cement mixer'?

    • Agreed Rex, no proof to any of this, Savile died an innocent man, he was questioned in 2009 and nothing was found. Those blaming Jimmy Savile for anything are the sick ones.

      • Your views are appalling. Jimmy Savile is a confirmed abuser of children, adults and even dead people. That you even dare to basically say he is innocent is simply lunacy. Shame on you.

        • You are the appalling one, jumping on this bandwagon yourself. Jimmy Savile was never charged with an offence. The same claims made in Exposure were investigated by Surrey Police in 2007 - 2009. Try reading my blog and all the others who have researched the case since October 2012. Shame on YOU !

          • What utter tosh. Your blog comes across as the rantings of some kind of half-loon.

          • Do you like to visit morgues yourself and do you have a bed in the back of your Range Rover?

      • You'd lock someone up for stating that they believe someone is innocent? Someone who was never convicted of anything? Get a grip!

  • Those here who defend the right to keep a logo that plainly is based on Jimmy Savile's and who say Jimmy Savile was "innocent" should get a grip. I assume you also think Max Clifford, Gary Glitter and Stuart Hall are also victims of a witch hunt. As you keep saying yourselves: "Get a grip" or better still, get a straight jacket.

  • Rabbitaway, & moor larkin will also be 'anne'; they are well known padeo supporters as well as being insane
    along with mscjervis and a few others .

    • Here's the church, here's the steeple, open the doors and out come the people... :-D

  • I am yet to see any concrete proof that allegations took place. Where folk are encouraged to engage in making allegations in order to personally gain huge financial benefits surly questions need asking ?

      • Money is the root of all evil. Jimmy Savile's estate was frozen due to the sex abuse allegations. He had a very attractive property portfolio including the Penthouse and some serious wonga. There are a long line of individuals who feel they have been robbed of their inheritance. Jimmy entertained senior Police Officers in his Penthouse on a weekly basis. I have no doubt that crumpet must have also been on the menu. Concrete evidence was problematic, as Jimmy had the Police in his back pocket and God only knows who else?

  • He assaulted me when I was about 7, & also other friends. I can still recall it.Jimmy the fiddler we called him

    • That's terrible. I am not surprised but I feel for you. I hope you get compensation and closure.

  • I remember when he visited a relative at Stoke M hospital, his generosity not only paid for the equipment that saved her life but his visit to her whilst she was recovering gave her hope and she lived many happy years because of him. RIP Jimmy.

    • Simon, your comment echo's so many of the stories I have heard since I began my research into Jimmy. So many try to silence the voice of the thousands Jimmy helped and they nearly succeeded didn't they ? But here we are speaking up and out for the great man. I'm sure Jimmy is resting in peace after his long, useful life. I wonder how many of his accuser's will do the same. No one will benefit from any monies received as a result of malicious claims. That's not me that's life - karma !

      • ""So many try to silence the voice of the thousands Jimmy helped and they nearly succeeded "
        Lol, what drugs are you on ?
        How many turned up to your pro-savile rally? answer = NONE, none at all!!!

      • Rabbitaway said Stuart Hall is really innocent..he was 'stitched up"
        Rabbitaway is a constant follower of a registered sex offender on twitter, who is sexually attracted to babies.

      • simon sockpuppet
        There are doubtless thousands old larkin, just your inaccuracies & lies & a plug for your paedo blog

  • How many thousands of lives did his generosity save? Tens of thousands. Incidentally it is not as simple as saying "Paedo Jimmy" or "Paedo BBC" Or "Paedo NHS" or whatever. If he really did what is now alleged then tens of thousands of people must have also turned a blind eye to these abuses. I find that hard to believe.

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