Fergie’s Foot F**k Ups

Sarah Ferguson verruca infection never complain never explain

After the ‘Daily Mail’s’ Richard Kay shared what he knew of Diana, Princess of Wales’ non-reconciliation with Sarah, Duchess of York because of verrucas, we look at other examples of Fergie’s foot related f**k ups

Late last night, on what would have been the eve of the 60th birthday of Diana, Princess of Wales, the rightly revered journalist and friend of the royal Richard Kay wrote about what he remembers of her 36th and last birthday in 1997.


In a scorching article for the Daily Mail, Kay brought up not only Donald Trump and David Tang, but also referenced Prince Harry and Prince William’s mother’s animosity to her former sister-in-law, Sarah, Duchess of York that day – and revealed, once again, that it was caused by a row over foot infections.


Speaking of ‘verruca-gate,’ Kay remarked:


“Later that night, [Diana] called me again. Among the birthday cards had been a letter from Fergie. The two women, who had been through so much together, were now estranged.”


“The reason? Fergie’s autobiography in which she had written that she had once caught verrucas from wearing a pair of Diana’s shoes. There were other reasons, too, involving issues of trust.”


“The princess was furious and, ever since the book’s publication the previous autumn, the pair had not spoken. Until this point, nobody knew. But that night a newspaper was set to go public with the details.”


“A friend alerted Diana and she immediately abandoned the letter of thanks she was about to write to the duchess in which she said she was prepared to offer her friendship again. The two women, once so close because of adversity, were never to be reconciled.”


Toe sucking twerp Sarah Ferguson with the then Lady Meyer, a lover of Chanel shoes amongst other things and an advisor on footwear to the “kitten heeled” cretin Theresa May amongst others.

Curiously, feet and foot fetishes seem to be something that go side-by-side with Fergie. Not only did her toe sucking incident with John Bryan in August 1992 soil her somewhat already soiled ‘reputation,’ but it must be remembered that the ‘Duchess of Dork’ also got herself involved with the shameless and not-at-all selfless charity tinbanger Catherine (now unbelievably and quite unjustifiably Baroness) Meyer in the 2000s – a “Chanel clad” woman who cringeworthily once made Michael (now Lord) Howard drink champagne out of her shoe at a party.


Going further and after taking money from the thankfully now croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein with the help of her other mate, the now incarcerated mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell, the ‘Duchess of Downright Dim’ stuck her pork trotters in the proverbial in May 2019 whilst visiting Ontario, Canada. For the occasion, this ludicrous lush wore a not-so-ironic pair of pumps emblazoned with “never complain and “never explain.” Whilst she certainly had “foot-in-mouth” disease on that outing, it remains unknown if she had a verruca to go with them also.


It’s now time for one final thing for childlike ‘Farting Fergie’; it’s finally time to shoe out this ridiculous rotter before she shoves her terrible tootsies in yet another slurry pit.


Pictured top (left to right): A verruca infected toe, the Duchess of York’s inappropriate footwear and the warbling wastrel wearing said shoes.


On Thursday 20th August 1992, the ‘Daily Mirror’ shared what they called “the pictures they didn’t want you to see.” In them, a topless Duchess of York was shown having her toes sucked in the South of France by a Texan millionaire named John Bryan. Of the incident, the ‘Mirror’ later reported: “Royal writer Richard Kay claimed in the ‘Daily Mail’ that he received a message via pager from Princess Diana the night before the photos hit the newspaper stands. Diana’s message was simple: ‘The redhead’s in trouble.’”
One is left wondering if Sarah, Duchess of York (pictured here with her deservedly incarcerated mucky madam mate Ghislaine Maxwell) spent any of the money she got from the paedophile, sex trafficker of children Jeffrey Epstein on shoes.


  1. Sarah Fergusson is misunderstood and she supported Catherine Meyer’s campaign to support dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. You should be ashamed of yourself for attacking her Matthew Steeple as she is a good lady who has supported Kate and Gerry in their efforts to FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW. Do the right thing and support FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW and then you might get redemption. P.S. S. Palmer is right and I know that all right-minded people will agree with me.

    • That child was food for worms a long time ago. Get over it. Thicko Ferguson was buddied-up with some extremely unpleasant people, as was/is her husband. In fact, this goes for all of the Royals. Epstein, the Clintons, Khashoggi, Jimmy Savile…the list of sinister elite who move in their circles is a long and illustrious one. Money, murder, children, power. The darkside.

  2. Matthew have you thought about having a steeple times channel on you tube? I do enjoy your articles, i love your writing style and the way you articulate things makes me laugh and is so refreshing. Must be the scouser in me, we have very naughty sense of humour 🙂

  3. Yes! Matthew I watch you each time you’re on with Shaun Attwood and I subscribe to this newsletter. LOVE IT! I think “merseywoman” is right on. Start a YouTube vlog. It would be great! Take care and “keep on writing!”


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