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Five of the Best – Moments from the 2019 General Election

Five highlights from the fallout of Boris Johnson’s attempt to “Get Brexit Done”

‘Mrs Piece of Toerag’

Nobody actually got to the bottom of who the woman who called ‘Bosie The Clown’ a “dirty piece of toerag,” but here was a woman who truly eclipsed the hearts of the nation. Brenda from Bristol and Gillian Duffy eat your hearts out.


Pat Mountain’s car crash interview

UKIP interim leader Pat Mountain (admittedly someone with a name a bit less embarrassing than her predecessor Dick Braine) will go down in history as the most unprepared woman for an interview ever. It’s amazing that Adam Boulton didn’t burst into laughter as the lookalike of Catherine Tate’s ‘Nan’ admitted her party was racist and the only thing she got right was this: “I could talk at length, but I haven’t got much time left… I better not go on.” Pat should now do the decent thing: Collect her P45.


The re-emergence of Councillor Barbara Driver

Barbara Driver will be forever remembered for saying housing development is like a sex attack. In 2014, she remarked: “There is a saying and I am going to say it:  ‘When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it’” and during this election this Barbara Windsor-esque lookalike returned. On Sky News, she joined a debate and peddled similarly not-so-delightful nonsense. One for the loony bin.


Diane Abbott and Jacob Rees-Mogg going into hiding

That Jacob Rees-Mogg was silenced on the campaign trail because of his insulting remarks about the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy was a relief to most, but that also Diane Abbott was hardly seen was an utter joy. Where was she? No doubt dealing with the fallout from her privately educated son – who it turned out bizarrely was the godson of wannabe PM turned jailbird turned vicar Jonathan Aitken -biting a police officer outside the Home Office.


Jeremy Corbyn gets duped by a teenager

Fifteen-year-old Thomas Chambers finally got a politician to tell the truth when he asked Jeremy Corbyn to sign a folded piece of paper. He then unveiled it. The A4 sheet featured a picture of the Commie that was caption: “I support terrorists and I am an anti-Semite. Also I am on Iran TV payroll.” The “grinning fool’s” goons stood on looking embarrassed.


Pictured top: The image of the campaign had to be the appalling shot of four-year-old Jack Williment-Barr on the floor of a Leeds hospital and also the reaction of Boris Johnson as he snatched a journalist’s phone and put it in his pocket to avoid being questioned about it in the aftermath.


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