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Finding the Facts

‘MailOnline’ yet again publishes utter drivel about James Stunt; they should cease their unjustified campaign against this businessman


In The Talented Mr. Ripley, the detective appointed to discover what happened to Dickie Greenleaf states: “In America we’re taught to check a fact before it becomes a fact” and this, indeed, is something that rightly guides most fair-minded, truth-seeking journalists.


In the case of the MailOnline’s James Fielding, this principle plainly is of little to no importance. In an article published Friday, this peddler of fake news and tittle tattle wrote of James Stunt, his finances and business activities yet produced no evidence to back his nonsensical allegations. Fielding, in fact, produced what can simply only be summed up as utter drivel; he couldn’t even spell “Eaton” correctly and he referred to Range Rovers as “Ranger Rovers.”


In response, Stunt took to YouTube and issued a measured  and rational 3:40 minute reply in which he pointed out that no other newspapers show any interest in his activities. Going further he remarked that he “is living the dream” whilst identifying the Mail’s owner, Viscount Rothermere, for what he genuinely is: “An embarrassment” and “utterly demented.”


James Stunt – a gentleman who actually lives a mostly very private life – has shown chutzpah again and again against the Mail. In the world in which Rothermere and his cohort Paul Dacre have created for him, Stunt cannot go to a restaurant without ludicrously then being accused of becoming engaged of the person he sat next to. He now, in their fake creation, is also conducting fictitious business transactions and visiting plainly invented pawnbrokers. It is jolly well time that this comic sheet found itself a more worthy subject to put on their poisonous stage and it is jolly well time that they moved onto their next act.


#FakeNews #DailyFail


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7 comments on “Finding the Facts”

  1. I read the Daily Mail article. The author should’t be called a journalist as he brings disgrace on that often noble profession. Shame on James Fielding.

  2. Mail really should find someone more appropriate to harass!!!!!!!! Sick!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on them!!!!!!!!!!! James Stunt is just a man and he is neither an actor nor a politician!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. James Stunt is a good looking billionaire. Maybe that is Why Viscount Rothermere is so jealous, James I am sure the ladies love you but, we in the Gay community find you a strong handsome breath of fresh air. Well done for standing up to bigots and tyranny, we are with you.

    1. “we in the gay community”? You sound a total dimwit.
      Whatever makes people people think they speak for a community. Have you done a poll in Brighton?

  4. Expensive original paintings taken into a cheap,pawn shop??? Are we stupid??? These simpleton stories amongst others are ludicrous. Not only does James Stunt deserve money from a slander lawsuit – but also, the naive people that paid good money for this utter Crap. They deserve their coins back. Totally laughable!

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