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Exposing Traditional Britain

After far-right Traditional Britain Group is exposed in an ITV documentary, oddball founder and ex-jailbird Gregory Lauder-Frost responds


Last night ITV screened an hour long documentary that “examined the resurgence of the far right in Britain; its expansion on and use of the Internet and social media; the internationalization of the far right with cooperation and contact between groups and individuals on a scale not seen before; the recruiting of more women and young people to different groups, and the impact that this is having on British society.”


In Exposure’s Undercover – Inside Britain’s New Far Right, produced by David Henshaw, not only did several courageous journalists go undercover within far right organisations but one also managed to infiltrate a meeting of the crackpot Traditional Britain Group in Mayfair, London. At that gathering, the compere was heard to suggest that there are “10 million aliens in this country who are ‘producing children all the time’” and referenced the group’s policy of seeking “voluntary repatriation of aliens to their natural homelands.”


In response, Gregory MacLennan Scholey Lauder-Frost (or ‘GLF’ to his mates) – a previous The Steeple Times ‘Moron of the Moment’, a man jailed in 1992 for theft and an individual prone to such remarks as describing Baroness Lawrence OBE, the community relations campaigner and mother of the late Stephen Lawrence, as “no friend of the English people” and “a complete nobody” – issued a statement defending the ragbag organisation he founded in 2001. In it, he branded Hope Not Hate as “far left… communists” and claimed “the TBG does not hate anyone… [but] we would prefer it if they remained at home.”


Elsewhere, in a video shared on YouTube, another farcical fool named Martin Sellner – the leader of the Austrian New Right movement – referenced the Traditional Britain Group’s members as “very British characters” and “patriots.” Plainly, he’s never met the likes of Lauder-Frost and the ‘Half Biscuit’ Viscount St Davids fan Benjamin Duncan.


Watch Exposure’s Undercover – Inside Britain’s New Far Right on the ITV Hub by clicking here.


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  • Greggers speaks much sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Australia is making itself MAGA by turning back the boats and you f***ers in the UK should do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more nasty $$$$$$ seekers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben Duncan - What is he thinking joining this vile collection? I got the impression all he liked doing was fake tan and parading around parties in Belgravia.

  • Am I to understand that to be on the liberal left is ok and the use of social media etc while anyone with a different viewpoint using the same methods of promotion should be stopped. Not the democracy I joined up to!!

    • Abuse can come from the far left or the far right. Most lunatics I've personally encountered (and I speak as someone who has been involved in several especially unpleasant incidents) are right wing, racist and weirdly love animals more than humans. This article, however, was about a television programme that seems to have upset an especially unpleasant crank, Gregory Lauder-Frost.

    • That's why the Traditional Britain Group (and others like them) always block and bar people's comments on their social media if they express a different viewpoint?

  • Some very nasty people out there. I made the mistake of supporting Brexit and now I regret the country that came about as a result. Very sad to witness in my declining years.

  • Yet another incident where Steeples makes fun of the plight of the innocent decent heroic gent Viscount St David - Rhodri was taken from the arms of his loving wife and child and you make fun of it. Disgusting and I think Gregory makes rightful points too.

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