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EXCLUSIVE – Unrestrained Stunt

Restraint order against businessman James Stunt lifted

The media – well, the Daily Mail and The Sun – enthusiastically and somewhat obsessively reported news of a restraint order having being issued against James Stunt.


Unsurprisingly, given their bias against this businessman, they have not, however, seen fit to remark on the fact that this order has now been vacated in full and this whole matter will be over on 20th August.


In exclusive comments to The Steeple Times, Mr Stunt remarked:


“Her Honour Judge Munro QC was completely right to grant the original order, but now she has been presented with the true facts she has rightly kicked it out. Justice has prevailed and I am glad that this matter has now been correctly concluded.”


“I thank my legal team for their diligence and also my supporters their many kind messages.”


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10 comments on “EXCLUSIVE – Unrestrained Stunt”

  1. Great news and shame on Rothermere for not behaving like The Steeple Times and reporting this good news of justice prevailing.

  2. The Steeple Times has again backed the right man. I wish James Stunt continued success and admire his fortitude.

  3. Stunt needs to now move forward and bring down BogRottermere and the Coffin Dodger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get on it laddy boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Utterly disgusting behaviour from the Daily Mail! I hope Mr Stunt shuts down that criminal enterprise! Well done Mr Stunt for staying the course and letting the truth prevail!!

  5. James Stunt used to come across as a bit of a prat. The silly convoy of cars was unbecoming and now he has mellowed into something far more dignified. His remarks thanking the judge, his legal team and supporters show him as something far more civilised than that common family (the Ecclestones) that he has now luckily escaped. I watched an episode of the reality show with Tamara Ecclestone and goodness I must conclude that she comes across as a very sad and lonely girl whilst her husband seems most uncaring and arrogant. He will trip himself up whilst James will again prosper. I hope he sees this message.

  6. Bernie Ecclestone needs locking up. How did he get away with all his “activities”? The episode in Germany, the choo choo, etc.

  7. Quite the contrast to Sam Palmer and Jay Rutland… I am surprised how James has shown himself as someone normal, decent and honest. If he keeps this up, people will like him even more. Well done chap!

  8. Tamara Ecclestone needs to go to the fat farm whilst James just needs to celebrate his freedom from that tawdry bunch of terrors.

  9. Well done James… very few can cope with the kind of pressure that has been placed on you…. you are a very charming and highly intelligent young man that will thrive once again. Everything happens for a reason and this whole episode will make you so much stronger and you will work our who your true friends are… those few that attended the funerals with you should be the only ones that you allow to the weddings… hopefully yours when you find someone who will take care of you and is deserving of you. Keep your circle tight James, you are in the last few swirls of the vortex that you have been sucked into…

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