Friday, October 30, 2020

EXCLUSIVE – Stunt Hits Back On Heist

James Stunt talks to The Steeple Times and takes issue with inaccurate reporting of the robbery of his Belgravia residence


Sadly, most of us are victims of crime at some point during our lives but for James Stunt – a successful businessman and close friend of Matthew Steeples, the editor of The Steeple Times – a robbery at his Belgravia residence in early December has been accompanied by vastly inaccurate and highly inappropriate reporting in the national media.


In response to a series of reports in such titles as the Daily Mail, the Mirror and The Sun about the theft of valuable items including diamonds and jewellery, Stunt exclusively told us:


“I did not make information about this robbery public myself initially and I find it very upsetting that someone chose to leak information to the press.”


“As a private citizen, I would like to state that I had no agenda for this matter to be made public and I have no knowledge of who the repeatedly quoted ‘sources’ giving details of what occurred are. I also did not make reference to the actual value of what was taken until it was published in the national press and believe the agenda of those reporting such to be highly warped.”


 “I must add that that these supposedly ever so knowledgeable individuals have shared completely made-up details – such as the ridiculous claim I left a key to a safe in a Lamborghini and false details about the location of a safe within my home – and that the press report these as fact is completely disgraceful and wrong. I wholeheartedly refute such claims and request that those reporting on this matter treat facts about it as facts only once they’ve been proven facts.”


“As a man with no insurance, I have no upside in this being inaccurately reported. In the Bernie Madoff case, there were victims who were billionaires and others who were poor. All were seen as victims and though I never normally read the comments in publications, the way in which I have been attacked is truly unacceptable.”


“It is high time the police were left to focus on catching the culprits in this case and I call on the press to cease sharing fake news about myself and this matter.”


Matthew Steeples adds:


“That one paper even referenced James sending guests home in a Lamborghini – something I have never seen him do – illustrates that so much of what is written about is completely fictious. This story has been blown out of all proportion and any private citizen or even public figure should have the right to privacy when reporting a crime to the police.”


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  1. This media circus is a disgraceful invasion of Mr Stunt’s privacy. Back off and let the police do their tax payers job. Stop harassing a victim with a clear non advantages motive. Keep your chin up James!

  2. God it’s a miracle this amazing young billionaire is still standing, yet alone winning in the court of public opinion! Bernie is a jealous old sleaze one day Stunt will look down on your carcass and smile. This is just clearly more Ecclestone fictional propaganda. James Stunt is beloved by more than Ecclestone and clearly more then The Daily Mail would have us believe TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!

  3. How dare the press invade the privacy of Mr Stunt. I NOW see this disgusting smear campaign for what it is, anyone who does not has a vile agenda. Definitely now more than ever TEAM STUNT!

  4. The coverage of this matter has been completely out of proportion to the newsworthiness of it. The press should focus on Theresa May’s failing government and other such matters.

  5. James Stunt has gone up in my estimation. I never expected to say this but as regularly occurs, The Steeple Times is backing the right horse.

  6. I used to think JS was just another posh twat with too much money, but it’s becoming clear he is actually a pretty decent guy in a pretty f’*&ked up situation. I get the feeling in the same situation anyone might do the same as the guy. OK thats another 180 from the steeple times for me, keep it up!

  7. Beginning to reconsider this one… I never believe the tabloids anyway but when they choose the same guy over and over, you can see what is happening here.

  8. All the media in this country have developed the fond of digging into individual privacy, they should leave James Stunt alone.

  9. Stunt is a gentle business man who believes in justice, the media should stop blackmailing him in the bid to get cheap popularity.

  10. The Mirror and Sun has become a problem like CNN, whenever they made up any story they will quote unknown sources.

  11. The Sun and Daily Mail have gone bankrupt for year and have resorted in fake news publications in other to recover from their bankruptcy.


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