Dim Darren Doesn’t Dazzle

Nikolay Kalinin on ‘Dim Darren’ Grimes’ latest attempt to prove himself nothing but a petulant pillock.

Nikolay Kalinin on ‘Dim Darren’ Grimes’ latest attempt to prove himself nothing but a petulant pillock

If there was an award for the ultimate prized pillock in the media, Darren Grimes would definitely be one of the nominees. As is par for the course, his latest attempt to get involved in political commentary has simply resulted in him making an utter moron of himself.


This time, it began when the distinguished former Tory MP Rory Stewart called on the UK Government to “form an international coalition to provide routes, funding and safe haven for millions of refugees, with homes of them in Britain and across the West” and “dramatically increase UK aid and development spend for Afghans” still trapped in the Taliban-controlled nation.


In response, ‘Dim Darren’ put up a poll on Twitter stating: “The former Tory MP Rory Stewart has said we need to take ‘many many millions’ of Afghan refugees. Would you support such a move?” As is predictable always when this wazzock spouts even just a single syllable, this clot misled his audience by misquoting Stewart.


Unsurprisingly, the public responded by completely obliterating Grimes’ credibility and voting ‘Yes.’ At the time of writing, 62.3% of voters have voted ‘Yes’ while only 37.7% have voted ‘No.’ As a result, Grimes’ name and #craftywank begun trending on Twitter.


Many people on Twitter were also keen to point out once again how much of an ignoramus ‘Crafty Wank’ is by mentioning his Tweet in which he stated that Donald Trump’s foreign policy “never caused anything quite this disastrous,” referring to chaotic scenes of Afghan citizens escaping Taliban, only to have Twitter users remind him that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was a policy which Trump initiated.


Even Stewart himself responded to Grimes on Twitter, admitting that although he has predicted there would be millions of Afghan refugees, that would be “over many years,” and argued that “US, UK and all the NATO allies should share the burden between them”.


This situation perfectly reflects who ‘Little Dazzer’ truly is: A loud-mouthed piffle-spitter, who, like Laurence Fox, Hatie Kopkins and Julia Hartley-Brewer should simply take his babbling someplace where it will not be able to dumb down the minds of decent citizens.


The reason for Grimes trending on Twitter with the hashtag #craftywank was down to his alleged naughty habits at school. In response, the noxious nitwit has now threatened legal action. Next!

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  • Being a bit e-phobic the only thing that I have ever done on Twitter et al was wish Stephen Fry good luck on his marriage for which I joined especially. Is it that powerful a tool then that such as Darren can say something typically vacuous and get seriously noticed and responded to by otherwise sensible people - I bet he loves it. Now Rory Stewart is a class act and I am not at all surprised that he has so thoughtfully responded to the Afghan's terrible plight at the hands of those narrow self indulgent fundamentalist Godless nutters in this way. I thought out of the runners that he would have made the best Leader and PM by far (or Dominic Grieve if he had stood - as I urged him to): Both true 'Conviction Politicians' in a near otherwise sea of shape-shifters and posture-rs hell bent on [achieved] catastrophe.

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