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Deport Rotten Rolf

As a deportation flight leaves for Jamaica, Twitter users have rightly angrily reacted asking why the paedophile Rolf Harris was not sent back to Australia after his release

The disgraced Australian ‘entertainer’ (if you can call this creep such) Rolf Harris is also a convicted paedophile. He was released from jail in May 2017 after serving three years, but unlike the forcibly placed on a flight to Jamaica this morning deportees, the authorities have allowed this rat to remain in Britain.


Just prior to his release, Harris – whose known victims (and there were likely many more than he was actually convicted of abusing) were as young as seven – penned a ‘song’ titled Gutter Girls. In it, clearly showing he has no sense of remorse for his crimes, he referenced the women and children he abused as “toothless little strumpet[s]” and “lying… scheming screaming… wolves in fine sheep’s clothing.”


More recently, in February 2019, this vile fiend wandered into a primary school playground in Maidenhead (where he bizarrely and most inappropriately waved at children) and now just as a flight full of Jamaican mostly minor offenders took off this morning, many Twitter users most sensibly asked: “Why wasn’t Rolf Harris deported when he was released?”


Pictured top: Rolf Harris with his friend Sir Cliff Richard.


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Deranged sex pest Rolf Harris pictured harassing children at the Oldfield Primary School in Maidenhead, Berkshire in February 2019.
Twitter users reacted angrily to news that minor offenders from Jamaica were being forcibly deported this morning. They demanded to know why Rolf Harris was not subject to the same treatment.
Friends in high (or low depending on your view) places – One user shared a picture of Rolf Harris with Boris Johnson.
Another complained that Harris was trending wasn’t the result of him having died and simply instead linked to #Jamaica50.
Harris now ought to be forcibly removed and we join those demanding such.

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  • YOU DISCGUST ME!!! ROLF HARRIS IS INNOCENT AND YOU KNOW IT. How dare you publish these evil tweets that wish for the death of the most lovely man on the entire planet. Shame on you. You must apoologise at once. ROLF HARRIS IS INNOCENT AND THAT IS WHY HE HAS NOT BEEN DEPORTED. ACCEPT THE TRUTH.

    • You are deluded. They should lock you up in the loony bin and send him packing back to Australia on his own.

  • A very valid point - he should have been deported on arrival. He contributed nothing useful to this country and he abused our women folk and children. I will celebrate with a glass of champagne when I hear news of his demise.

  • I am horrified by this news. He should have been deported as soon as released on the basis of what happened this morning with the Jamaicans. Boris Johnson must now rectify this and get Rotten Rolf on an aeroplane and back to Australia. And tell him to take his nasty daughter too - she is a spiteful witch.

  • Rolf Harris was convicted on the basis of allegations of Jimmy-Savile-style offences made when the media/internet was full of that topic, including the topic of compensation. The allegations were made by (1) a woman with whom Rolf Harris admitted a sexual relationship from when she was 18 until she was 29 and who had already asked him for tens of thousands of pounds and been turned down, (2) an Australian woman who was in debt, sold her story to various media outlets a year before the trial and admitted in court to lying to the police, (3) a woman who had been declared bankrupt shortly before she claimed that he had molested her in an autograph queue when she was 7 or 8 at a community centre venue he had never visited; he was later cleared on appeal of the conviction based on her allegations, and (4) a woman who couldn't remember how old she was (first she said 13/14, then she said 16/17), at what public event the alleged assault (squeezing of her left buttock, she said) had occurred or where in Cambridge it allegedly occurred. All four women claimed compensation, including woman (3), who waived her anonymity after the trial and was reported to have obtained 22,000 pounds from Rolf Harris. I believe he was convicted on the basis of false allegations made for financial gain inspired by the Jimmy Savile allegations and compensation claims.

      • Funny you should say that, as my impression when I read that "Rolf Harris is innocent" comment was that it had been written by the person who wrote the article.

  • It's very easy to get carried away with sociopolitical games people play to stir the fervor of the mob, particularly when the alternate narrative is never expressed. The anti-pedophile mood of the present is identical to the anti-buggery mood of over a half century ago that coerced homosexuals into a drug induced transexual identity as an alternative to prison, as was the fate of Alan Turing shortly after WW2. Cultural mythologies come and go is the point to bear in mind. While perhaps 99.9% of the population accept the cultural notion of sin based on the strength of biblical mythology and as a consequence that mindset that pedophilia is a crime. However, just a in the case of changes in modern attitudes to homosexuality generally, assumes or doesn't disavow an alternative evolutionary worldview of human sexuality ....that of an 'opportunistic risen (or evolved) talking great ape' which explains both the pan-sexuality of human males and the opportunistic exploitation of putative female 'victims' gaming the system in compensation claims.

    • This is not about sexuality, this is about a child abusing nonce named Rolf Harris. You seemed to ignore the FACT that this man was convicted and jailed for criminal offences involving minors.

  • Rolf is a legend in my eyes. Good music and ok he did a few naughty things but thats all in the past now. i'd trust him with my kids anyday!

  • Makes me laugh. The jury spent several days to come up with: "guilty on all charges due to pattern of behaviour." Then a year or so later one of his convictions is overturned on the basis that "there was proof he had never set foot in Leigh Park Community Centre." Then 3 judges close rank and say: "yeah but he was guilty of the other 11 charges." Really? Where was the proof? Why couldn't they bring back the original jury to ask them "you got it wrong on one of the convictions - do you still think pattern of behaviour dictates he's still guilty of the other 11 ?" Flaky trial to say the least - probably a mis-carriage of justice but not enough evidence to say either way :-)

  • ha... I suspect this comment will get moderated but I've just read this article by M Steeples and confirms that M Steeples is a grade A TWAT - with absolutely zero interest in truth or justice. He quotes: victim he actually convicted of abusing) were as young as seven ".... this was overturned Matthew based upon overwhelming evidence that he was never at Leigh Park community centre. And you know that !!! Makes me mad. makes you a twat.

    • Your comment is only published to prove how insane you truly you are. Harris is a convicted NONCE and he will die a convicted NONCE. Accept reality.

  • If the Aussies think he's so damn innocent they are welcome to the old pervert!! Deport Rolf Harris now!!

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