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Dastardly Diane

Diane Abbott MP, a woman unable to grasp numbers, revealed to be perfectly capable of grabbing as much as she can for her very own pocket


Quite capable of whining about supposedly being unfairly targeted by so-called trolls in spite of being in the pay of and thus accountable to the public, Britain’s most hypocritical Member of Parliament, Diane Abbott, has pocketed over £110,000 in licence payers’ money from the BBC since 2003.


Ms Abbott, it was revealed Thursday by the Mail Online, has been paid £700 each and every time she appeared on BBC One’s This Week and in addition has also raked in cash from conferences, corporate events and literary festivals.


As well as getting £2,000 for turning up to a Citywealth Power Women lunch in 2014, this Socialist horror commanded £2,500 for a speech in Jersey and £2,000 for a talk at a BNP Paribas sponsored event later that year. Aside from this, there have been many other additional payments and on this basis, we ask one thing: “How can a self-motivated money grabber like Diane Abbott claim to speak for ordinary people?”


The answer is simple: This numerically challenged woman cannot. Just like we said of Nigel Farage some months ago, Abbott is no longer a woman of the people. She is a woman of the elite.


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  • What will Peter Wayde have to say about this? He said you calling Farage "a man of the elite" was a "non-story" so will he say the same of you putting Abbott in the same category? I think you are right. She, like him is meant to represent ordinary folk. They both, instead, traded it in for 5 Hertford Street and Annabel's.

    • I have never seen this ghastly quivering heap of **** at either place, thank God !

  • Disgusting woman. Plays the race card whenever she doesn't get her own way but is the biggest racist of the lot.

  • I think people are most unfair about Diane. She is a great constituency MP, works tirelessly against racism and supports the only party that will beat Theresa May and her austerity message. I will be voting for Labour on 8th June and I hope Diane wins through the hateful message people such as you share.

    • Alongside Corbyn, Abbott is a long term supporter of IRA terrorism and a true co-traitor to Britain and democracy. ~
      "Diane Abbott, the new shadow international development secretary, was also a strong supporter of the Labour Committee on Ireland.
      In a 1984 interview with Labour and Ireland, she attacked the Unionist population of Northern Ireland as an “enclave of white supremacist ideology” comparable to white settlers in Zimbabwe. Mr Corbyn also strongly opposed a precursor to the peace process, the Anglo-Irish Agreement. He said on two occasions that the agreement “strengthens rather than weakens the border between the six and the 26 counties, and those of us who wish to see a united Ireland oppose the agreement for that reason.”
      However, it is the explicit support for the Brighton bombing in London Labour Briefing magazine that may prove the most controversial. "

  • How is this not a criminal offence? She should not be allowed to double dip into the public purse. We must also be told her expenses figures. I bet they help her on her merry way to a life of luxury. Lock her up!

  • This deeply repellant example of self-serving greed and breathtaking incompetence should , together with the ridiculous little twit Bercow, be sent off to a VERY remote desert island.......!

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