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Crowdfunding Carole – Support Carole Cadwalladr vs. Arron Banks –The Steeple Times urges readers to support the crowdfunding campaign to help the courageous journalist Carole Cadwalladr see off the nasty piece of work that is Arron Banks. Also featured Nigel Farage, Georgia Toffolo and George Cottrell.

Cambridge Analytic and Arron Banks investigator Carole Cadwalladr interview turned into a must listen podcast


The fascinating and shocking investigation by journalist Carole Cadwalladr has been turned into a podcast.


Publishesd in The Guardian as part of their ‘Today in Focus’ series, the 24:13 minute interview, presented by Anushka Asthana, is a must listen.


Cadwalladr, who “is continuing to investigate [Arron] Banks,” even reveals that it was her “ancient” Peugeot 309 that caused her to begin her search. It’s a must listen.


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