Elevating Count Binface

Elevating Count Binface – Poll backs statue of Count Binface – Poll of 500 Twitter users backs the erection of a statue in honour of Count Binface (formerly known as Lord Buckethead).

Poll of 500 Twitter users backs the building of a statue in honour of Count Binface (formerly known as Lord Buckethead)

Yesterday, The Steeple Times’ Matthew Steeples decided to conduct a poll on Twitter. He jokingly asked: “Would you support the erection of a statue of Count Binface?”


He post-fixed: “He’s surely not offended anyone (other than Boris Johnson and Theresa May).”


The response, thus far, has been phenomenal and at a time when people have been attacking statues of Christopher Columbus, Sir Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria, we perhaps need to ignore Janet Street-Porter’s miserable demand to “junk the lot” and get something erected that celebrates a bit of fun.


Of the 495 votes cast (with 4 hours still to go) in the completely unscientific poll, 94.7% of respondents are currently supporting “Yes – Get him elevated” whilst only 3.2% are of the view “No – He’s off his trolley.” Just 2% haven’t got a clue who Count Binface actually is.


Whilst a legal dispute with the plainly joyless Gremloids creator Todd Durham resulted in the “displacement” of Lord Buckethead – who had stood in four British general elections from 1987 onwards – the political satirist Jon Harvey announced his replacement, Count Binface, to the world on 12th December 2018. He describes the character on Twitter as an “Intergalactic politician and ex-Lord Buckethead,” has a following of 17,600 and was standing in the London mayoral elections until the coronavirus pandemic kicked in.


The Count is good; let’s get him elevated.


Pictured top: Count Binface with a slightly perplexed Boris Johnson.


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The “replacement” Lord Buckethead (played by David Hughes) with Count Binface behind him during the 2019 general election campaign; Jon Harvey as Lord Buckethead on the night of the 2017 General Election at Maidenhead.
The Twitter poll had attracted nearly 500 votes as of 10am GMT on Thursday 11th June 2020.
Lord Buckethead (comedian Jon Harvey) on John Oliver’s HBO talk show Last Week with John Oliver in May 2017. He also appeared at the Glastonbury Festival in June that year and even made a video with the all-round oddity Ben Fogle at one point too.
Lord Buckethead with Theresa May in May 2017. He registered 249 votes and that Christmas made a charming YouTube video sharing a message of peace and goodwill. Sadly, that subsequently had to be deleted due to Todd Durham’s legal actions.


  1. He’s as much use as any of the other nuts you’ve got in British politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bin Keir Starmer for a start —– didn’t he cover up for the paedos?????????? I read that in Political Lite (which I know you don’t like) but I think they tell the truth!!!!!!!!!!!! And chuck out all the immigrant scum —– turn the boats away!!!!!!!!!! Guns at the ready and put a stop to all this protesting and statue attacking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL LIVES MATTER, believe the truth —- Bill Gates created coronavirus and Boris was injected with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rodders: “Chuck out all the immigrant scum”? Define immigrant, please. 2 years? 20 years? 200 years? What would happen Downunder if the Aussie Government decided to chuck out YOU? Where on earth would you go?


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